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Lawyer Marketing for the Modern Web


It’s no secret that consumers today are using the internet differently than they were just a few years ago. Today’s legal consumer has access to millions of pages of legal information and attorneys in the palm of their hand. Their tools have advanced. Their behaviors have become much more “on-the-go.” But have the major building blocks of marketing shifted with them?

Maybe it’s time to reevaluate what is foundational to the success of your marketing efforts.

Join Mark Jacobsen, FindLaw’s Senior Vice President of Innovation and Strategic Development, as he discusses how emerging trends and behaviors on the internet at large, and on mobile devices specifically, impact they ways law firms should market themselves.

He’ll discuss:

  • The importance of Brand Essence
  • The legal consumer’s journey
  • The rise of micro-moments
  • Finding your firm’s place in the digital ecosystem

The modern web is more sophisticated than most people realize. In this webcast, we’ll help you understand what that looks like. We’ll also show you how to transition your law firm’s marketing toward a more sophisticated, strategic point of engagement. That’s what will set your firm apart from the competition. That’s lawyer marketing for the modern web. Watch now.


Mark Jacobsen

Mark Jacobsen

Senior Vice President, Innovation and Strategic Development

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