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Your law firm’s brand is more valuable than you think. You might think of your firm as a known quantity, a trusted partner, a reputable business. Meanwhile, to a potential client, you’re simply one of many equally vague options. Aligning these two perceptions – and reaping the business benefits therein – often comes down to one of the most marginalized assets a law firm has: its brand.

Listen to this free webcast to discover the true value of a brand, even for a small law firm. We’ll explore the five core components of a brand and how to develop yours. Most importantly, we’ll share findings from a FindLaw study that show how a strong brand can deliver measurable impact for your business.

Mark Jacobsen

Mark Jacobsen

Sr. Director, Strategic Development & Thought Leadership, FindLaw

Christi Krautbauer

Christi Krautbauer

Product Innovation Manager, FindLaw

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