More and more people are looking for attorneys on the internet

Years ago it became clear to me that the internet is real, and I immediately decided to create a website with FindLaw. Within a month I signed up an offshore accident case from a lady that lived in New Mexico, but got injured in Louisiana waters. That case resulted in a $300k settlement. She found me on the internet.

Kevin P. Tauzin, Partner, Tauzin & Lorio Attorneys at Law, Lafayette, LA

"How do people find me? On the internet."

Kevin Tauzin identified early on that the internet was a powerful tool that can be used to gain clients, and as a result, he understands the need for a strong web presence. "People type in 'Lafayette Personal Injury Attorney' and my name pops up. They contact me, they become a client, and I have a new case because of FindLaw."

case study
The internet is real. More recently, my experience with FindLaw is that more and more people are shopping on the internet, and not just for shoes and clothes, but for attorneys. Young people, in particular.

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