Advertising with FindLaw is the reason for my firm's success and was the single most important business decision I have made since leaving a large firm and starting my own practice.

I began advertising my family law practice with FindLaw approximately three and a half years ago. At the time I was a solo practitioner with no employees and no aspirations for growth. After advertising with FindLaw on a very limited scale I began to quickly realize that I would need to re-evaluate my business objectives as I was receiving more work from the FindLaw advertising then I could complete without hiring at least one paralegal. At the time I decided that I would expand the firm to cover the increased volume of work and hired a part time paralegal. As I increased my advertising with FindLaw I realized that I would have to continue to consider additional growth potential. I believe that solely due to my FindLaw advertising, my practice has now grown to a firm with 3 lawyers, 2 paralegals, and a total of 9 employees. As the advertising continues to provide more work than the current staffing can maintain, I am constantly evaluating the need for additional staffing."

DeShon Laraye Pullen, DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC

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