We depend upon FindLaw. It’s the lifeblood of our firm. Without them I would be in a world of hurt in this practice.

I was on the front edge of the Internet. I was incredibly skeptical. We started our site with FindLaw probably four or five years ago and we were one of the first employment lawyers that went heavy into this in Los Angeles... We’ve gotten so much business off the Internet that it is unbelievable.

Michael J. Bononi, Managing Partner, Bononi Law Group LLP, Los Angeles, CA

"It's the one bill a month that we don't mind paying."

Michael Bononi, Managing Partner of Bononi Law Group LLP has been with FindLaw for years, and the reason is simple: "Nobody that I’ve talked to and actually give them the truthful numbers can believe that we’ve generated that type of work." His partnership with FindLaw has produced results and continues to do so. "What’s happened is the Internet changes. It changes weekly. It’s light-speed. It changes monthly, and the thing that FindLaw has done for us is that they have kept us on the front edge."

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I was incredibly skeptical Every time they come to me it’s not, 'Mike you need to pay more money and you need to do this.' They’ve actually come to me, unbelievably, and said, 'You know, this is kind of outdated. You don’t need that anymore. Can we put that money in better use somewhere else?'"

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