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I don’t stress about my business because I am partnered with a company who has my best interest at heart. Working with FindLaw is extremely important to my business — I would say it is one of the most important things for my business.

Dolores Contreras, Founding Partner, Contreras Law Firm, San Diego, CA

“The quality of work I needed.”

Dolores Contreras partnered with FindLaw at her previous firm. “They did everything from our SEO, PPC, anything and everything — you name it,” she says. “It worked out very well, but I decided to branch off and start my own business. During that transition, I decided to try a new marketing firm out as well. Initially things went well, but after a short period of time I realized that FindLaw was the only one who could provide the quality of work I needed.”

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An integral role. The more we grow, the more we will want to expand our services with FindLaw and see what else they have to offer. The continued partnership on our marketing efforts will absolutely play an integral role in the future of Contreras Law Firm.

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