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What motivates Spanish-speaking consumers to hire an attorney

Learn how to appeal to Spanish-speaking legal consumers

The U.S. Spanish-speaking market is expanding faster than any other, and it’s not just in areas like Texas and California. By 2060, it is projected that more than 100 million Americans will speak Spanish. For law firms to secure a share of that market they’ll need to know how this group searches for an attorney, and the proper marketing tactics to reach them.

Using data from FindLaw’s U.S. Consumer Legal Needs survey, this report unpacks the motivations and consumer tendencies of this rapidly growing market, and explores how Spanish-speaking legal consumers:

  • Strongly rely on legal directories to learn about an attorney
  • Want guidance in the form of reviews from former clients
  • Use social media to learn about an attorney before hiring one

Don’t ignore this market. Law firms that understand the unique way Spanish speakers search for attorneys will position themselves for success.

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