The New Old School:

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The New Old School: Why Attorneys Must Pay Attention to Generation X

There’s no shortage of content to be found about millennial consumer behaviors or how the aging baby boomer generation is once again changing the world. But what about the folks in-between? Gen X was once the subject of countless profiles dubbing them the “slacker generation” and questioning their readiness to inherit the adult world. Today? They’re adults with families, careers, goals and hopes just like anyone else. And their legal needs aren’t terribly distinctive either.

What is interesting is the fact that Gen X straddles the old world and the new. These adults grew up with print and traditional media advertising, but also helped define the very online marketing law firms rely on to reach them. Download our report on Generation X and discover how your law firm marketing can take advantage of an audience that effortlessly blends tradition with innovation.

  • Discover what motivates a Gen X legal consumer.
  • Learn how they search for and evaluate attorneys.
  • Plan your marketing to “cover the spread” and connect with Gen Xers wherever they are.


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