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When you’ve been doing legal marketing as long as we have, you learn a few things. One truth that’s become clear to us at FindLaw is that marketing tactics work best when they work together. That’s why we take an integrated marketing approach with our clients.

We’ve found that the most consistent, reliable benefits for our clients happen when they combine our most effective marketing tools at once. No single tactic is pulling all the weight, and the specific balance of activities can change to reflect market performance.

We truly believe an integrated approach is the best way for our clients to achieve their goals.
The only question is, what’s your dream?

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Smart solutions to augment your efforts.

You weren’t born yesterday. You know what’s working for you, but you also know you don’t have to do it all alone. Add these solutions to your current approach. More clients are just around the corner.

Social Pro

Social Promotion Service

For law firms with an existing social media presence, Social Pro positions you as a trusted advisor within your community, so that the clients you desire will turn to you when legal needs arise.

Brand Advocate

Firms new to social media can count on Brand Advocate for everything they need to get started connecting with legal consumers and driving more traffic to their websites.

Engagement Builder
Digital Marketing Accelerator

Digital Marketing Accelerator (DMA)

For law firms in competitive markets, increasing visibility requires an aggressive approach. DMA combines organic content with paid promotion and expert advice to help law firms stand out from the competition.

Marketing and advertising are changing rapidly. What was once tangible is now largely digital, and what used to be advertisers pushing their messages has become consumers deciding what messages are meaningful to them. Read more about the changing legal consumer marketplace and how this affects attorney advertising.

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“FindLaw has proven time and again to be one of the best business decisions we’ve made to market our legal services.”

Marco D. Chayet

Founder and Partner, Chayet & Danzo, LLC

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