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Survey says…


88 percent of legal consumers consider an attorney’s “reputation” one of the top two hiring factors.*


68 percent of legal consumers consider “reviews from former clients” one of the most important pieces of additional information when considering an attorney.**

* 2015 FindLaw Ratings and Reviews Survey
** 2018 FindLaw U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey

Why reputation management matters.

The volume and content of your firm’s online reviews will give your brand a boost, improve your local visibility online and position you as a trusted expert in your area. All of which contribute to your ultimate goal: getting prospective clients to choose your firm over the competition.

When you take an active role in managing your reputation online, you decrease the risk of negative reviews and client dissatisfaction – enabling the other elements of your marketing strategy to be successful.

Think positive. Your clients are.

FindLaw approaches reputation management from two perspectives:

Gaining more reviews for your firm
Placing a simple “review us” button on your firm’s website can do wonders for your online reputation. Work with FindLaw to make it easy for your clients to share their feedback with you and their peers.

Listening to past clients
Our digital marketing experts can conduct a survey of your past clients. They’ll discover your firm’s word-of-mouth reputation and provide you a report identifying opportunities and actionable recommendations.

Why choose reputation management from FindLaw?

The best marketing in the world can’t compare to a great reputation. And while attorneys have relied on face-to-face referrals since the dawn of the business, today’s legal consumers behave a bit differently. These days, they trust the word of complete strangers.

Legal consumers are looking for social proof.

As an attorney, you’ve been conditioned to present concrete evidence to make your case. That may work in the courtroom, but in marketing, people make decisions based on emotions. They want to feel good about hiring your firm. They want to feel like they’ve made a smart choice. They’ll look for evidence that other people hired you and use their experiences to justify their own decisions.

Imagine a soon-to-be single mother going through a divorce. Imagine her emotional state and what’s at risk in her life. Now imagine what a customer testimonial like the one below could do for her – and you:

“I felt like my life was about to get torn apart by my ex-husband. Peter Kreigman and his team came to the rescue. They took care of my case easily. I feel like my life is finally back on track.”

What’s your status?

Law firms who aren’t keeping tabs on their reputations are playing a losing game. One in which the winning firms clearly understand where they stand among potential clients, both online and off. These firms are equipped with the knowledge of their current strengths, future development opportunities, and steps necessary to make a change.

Success Stories

Trusted and used by over 17,000 small law firms.

“In the years I have worked with FindLaw, I have realized a fantastic return–at least 20 times my original investment. “

Stacy M. Washington

Attorney & Counselor

“FindLaw has proven time and again to be one of the best business decisions we’ve made to market our legal services.”

Marco D. Chayet

Founder and Partner, Chayet & Danzo, LLC


How can FindLaw help me get more reviews?

It’s simple with FindLaw’s Review Platform.
Review Platform places a “review us” button on a firm’s website or a separate review landing page – whatever makes sense for your firm. Visitors to your site are then guided through the process of leaving a review on up to four popular review websites. To keep you informed of your reputation, Review Platform includes a convenient client dashboard. Meanwhile, quarterly consultations with a FindLaw digital strategist offer helpful suggestions for managing your reputation.

What about bad reviews?

We’ve got a lot to say on this topic. But for now, just remember that embracing client reviews is also an opportunity to proactively resolve poor client experiences before people make their opinions known publicly online. You may not be able to control your reputation, but you can manage it.

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