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The FindLaw network provides your prospects the information they need when faced with a legal situation. Visitors to FindLaw and its affiliated sites are engaged consumers with real questions about the law, their rights and their legal situations. They turn to FindLaw for trusted answers and use our lawyer directories to find the attorney that is right for them.

12 million delivers information, advice and recommendations to an industry leading 12 million users each month.


Visitors referred from are twice as likely to contact a firm than visitors referred by Google.

Advertising Opportunities

Take The Fast Lane.

Legal consumers act fast. 58 percent take action within a week and most only contact one firm. Directory advertising quickly places you in the path of this fast-moving crowd.

Directory Listing Example

TopSpot Listing

A TopSpot listing ensures that you’re top of mind with premium placement on local directory searches in your practice area.

Spotlight Listings

A Spotlight listing places your firm in front of legal consumers in your neighborhood when they’re ready to call an attorney.

Premium Profile

Whether you’re a new name or part of the old guard, a directory presence reinforces your brand’s status among your neighbors and peers.

Skylight Listing

Get in front of a FindLaw visitor before they turn to the Lawyer Directory. Skylight ads reach legal consumers while they’re still researching their legal needs.

Attorneys benefit from one of the most highly-trafficked legal resources on the web through smart advertising options and an emphasis on relevant, local results.

How It Works

Think bigger than a digital phone book. Many legal consumers start their journey by researching their issue on the broader FindLaw network. They’re drawn to the informational articles and blogs that have helped millions before them understand their legal issue and take the appropriate action.

From basic awareness to desire for resolution, legal consumers are just a click away from browsing one of FindLaw’s lawyer directories. Once there, directory visitors can easily find local attorneys that specialize in handling cases like theirs.

What it Means for Attorneys

Your firm can benefit from the FindLaw network’s expansive reach and unmatched reputation. Take your place on one of our four lawyer directories, and your firm will appear in consumer searches based on your location and practice area. Prospects can view relevant details like attorney information and areas of expertise for starters, helping them discover the right fit for them.

Once they decide to contact you, FindLaw makes it easy with links to your website, phone number or email. And contact you they will. Visitors from the Lawyer Directory, for example, are more than twice as likely to contact a firm than those referred from Google.

Easy to Connect. Easy to Understand.

All of our attorney directories are easy to use and optimized for today’s legal consumer – the kind of person who does their research on-the-fly and makes a contact decision in a micro-moment. Legal consumers use our directories to quickly find an attorney that’s right for them and, just as easily, make contact.

As a directory customer, you’ll have access to an online performance dashboard that tracks the effectiveness of your listings. FindLaw’s platform provides you with the kind of insight you need to understand what your marketing dollars are going toward, and where your clients are coming from.

Click on any directory below to learn more: provides your prospects with the information they need when faced with a legal situation. Visitors to FindLaw are real people with real questions about their legal situations. They trust to provide the answers they need and they look to our Lawyer Directory for an attorney that can help.
There are multiple advertising opportunities on, including Skylight ads that reach consumers far upstream while they’re researching their legal issue. Want a premier location within the directory itself? A Top Spot listing places your firm ahead of the pack in local search results. hosts 12 million visits a month. Getting noticed in a crowd that size isn’t easy, but with smart advertising options and an emphasis on relevant, local results, attorneys can benefit from one of the most highly-trafficked legal resources on the web.

Find your niche and broaden your reach on a legal directory that suits any size. The LawInfo lawyer directory is part of FindLaw’s industry-leading network of websites, yet provides efficient value for attorneys looking to expand their online exposure without breaking the bank.

What’s more, LawInfo’s Lead Counsel rating gives attorneys and law firms an advertising edge with exclusive access to premier positions across the website and directory. Lead Counsel Rated attorneys are those with significant professional experience, a solid reputation among their peers and a clean disciplinary history.

Want to advertise on the directory that 95 percent of your colleagues cannot? is an exclusive legal directory available only to attorneys who have attained a high-degree of peer recognition and professional achievement. A Super Lawyers selection is an independent, third-party qualifier that helps legal consumers validate their interest in a specific attorney and feel confident in their decision to make contact.

Super Lawyers selectees can benefit from a variety of advertising options including basic, expanded and premium profiles – all on a mobile-optimized website popular with consumers and attorneys alike. In fact, it’s not just potential clients searching the directory. As many as 85 percent of Super Lawyers selectees themselves have reported referring a client to another selected attorney within a year.

Market your law firm on the legal directory that targets the nation’s fastest-growing demographic. provides directory opportunities for attorneys in the advantageous position of serving Spanish-speaking consumers in their preferred language.

With more than 80 percent of its traffic coming from handheld devices, represents a consumer base that is modern and mobile. Add Spanish-language advertising to your law firm’s marketing mix and you’ll benefit from a pool of potential clients that your competitors can’t touch.

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