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The number of Spanish-speaking legal consumers in the U.S. is projected to reach 43 million by 2020. The experts at FindLaw can help your law firm connect with them.

Why Appeal to the Hispanic Spanish-speaking Market?

According to the U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey from FindLaw, when Spanish-speaking legal consumers have a legal need, they begin their search with a strong presumption that hiring an attorney is the right step.

Hispanic U.S. consumers had a combined purchasing power of $1.5 trillion

$1.5 trillion

In 2015, Hispanic U.S. consumers had a combined purchasing power of $1.5 trillion, a figure that has increased by 50 percent since 2010.


Almost 57 percent of Hispanic legal consumers plan to hire an attorney for legal needs.

one-half of Spanish-speaking consumers used a legal directory

1 out of 2

Nearly one-half of Spanish-speaking consumers used a legal directory to find an attorney.

Legal Marketing Services

Spanish language solutions that make an impact.

With today’s changing demographics, extending your legal services to the Hispanic market makes sense in almost any situation. Leverage FindLaw’s full suite of law firm marketing solutions to connect with more Spanish-speaking clients.

ABOGADO DIRECTORY is the premier online destination for Spanish-speaking consumers looking for legal help and representation. Offering unmatched online visibility in search, as well as a large and rapidly growing audience, connects you to Hispanic legal consumers in ways no other directory can match.


Reach Spanish-speaking clients by adding a single, targeted Spanish-language page, or give your law firm’s website broader appeal with a larger Spanish content section. Professional translators will create a duplicate of your FirmSite pages in Spanish.


FindLaw’s PPC service can help drive a consistent monthly level of traffic to your website by targeting relevant consumers with pay-per-click advertising via Google and Bing. FindLaw has been designated a Google Premier Partner and Bing Partner based on our high quality performance managing PPC campaigns.


Our translated pages come with an additional layer of Spanish-language search engine optimization. When Spanish-speaking clients search for an attorney online, make sure they find you.


Make a comfortable connection and capture more leads with FindLaw’s Spanish language contact forms. Your law firm will gather information you can use about potential clients in the language they prefer.


Turn every website visit or phone call into a client connection with our 24/7/365 Spanish-speaking web chat and phone coverage.

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