Criminal defense firm increases online visibility through Digital Marketing Accelerator

FIRM: McAdams Law Office
SIZE: 2 attorneys, 1 paralegal
SCOPE AND SERVICES: Criminal Defense; DUI-focused
FIRM GOAL: Maintain and increase the firm’s reputation as the preeminent DUI attorney in Weld County and surrounding counties


Founded as a multi-practice law firm in 2006, McAdams Law Office gradually moved to all-criminal defense, with an emphasis on DUI and DWAI (Driving While Ability Impaired). Such a singular focus, in a non-urban, relatively low population area about an hour north of Denver, puts a premium on high visibility on search engines like Google, Google/Bing Maps, paid digital advertising, social media, and local online directories. The firm’s path to success would rely on nothing less than market dominance in these areas.


Working with his FindLaw team over the past 14 years, former prosecutor-turned-defense attorney Bill McAdams grew his portfolio from a single FindLaw directory TopSpot to a robust digital marketing machine.

Dominating Google Presence: Whether it’s on the Google Search results themselves, Google Maps, Google My Business, or Google Pay-Per-Click advertising, McAdams Law Office is impossible to miss for web searchers in their market area. It’s a smart, comprehensive approach built around his Integrated Marketing Essentials and Digital Marketing Accelerator (DMA) packages.

The Right Audience, at the Right Time: Thanks to his DMA program, McAdams Law Office ads are front-and-center for those searching – or simply talking about – DUI-related topics. Examples include showing up on Google when “DUI defense attorney” is searched or targeting a user on Facebook who has shown a pattern of DUI-related online behavior, such as brewery visits. Their ads are served up to a highly-engaged audience, either right after needing a DUI attorney or before they need one, creating top-of-mind awareness.

Impressive, User-Friendly Website: While some potential clients may contact the office without ever visiting the McAdams Law Office website, those who do will see a design that exudes competence, with stunning Colorado imagery in the background. And the site’s interactive instant Chat feature increases the odds of a visitor turning into a client.

Simply put, Bill McAdams built his 14-year-old law business around his FindLaw digital marketing program.

Bill McAdams

“Frankly, I partnered with FindLaw so I wouldn’t have to think about my website and online marketing, period. They’re the experts in that, and I’m the expert in DUI defense.”

Bill Mcadams
Frankly, I partnered with FindLaw so I wouldn’t have to think about my website and online marketing, period.

Bill McAdams

McAdams Law Office

The results


Increase in unique visitors


Increase in total visits YOY


Increase in contacts YOY

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