Case Study

Winckler & Harvey, LLP

SIZE: 4 attorneys
SCOPE AND SERVICES: Medical malpractice

Pietrucha Law Firm, LLC

The Situation

Winckler & Harvey, L.L.P. was built on more than 95 years of combined experience in medical malpractice law, taking on cases for individuals and families who have suffered due to a serious physical trauma. When it came to business development, the combination of online leads and attorney referrals made client intake a painstaking process for the firm.

Overall, there is a high volume of medical malpractice cases that exist in Texas. That story continues to ring true for Winckler & Harvey, L.L.P., where they are projected to receive 3,000 calls from potential clients in 2018 alone. Of those calls, 200 will be seriously researched, with the goal of 60 reaching court.

This large number of phone calls prompted the firm’s partners to look at marketing efforts that could more harmoniously connect their website with individual landing pages and ultimately have better reporting when it comes to client intake. They met with their local FindLaw consultant and discussed the ongoing needs of the firm. From there, the FindLaw team of experts partnered with the firm to develop a new plan geared toward identifying their ideal client earlier in the process with a focus on intake.

The Solution

Due to the immense amount of leads generated by the firm, FindLaw experts put together a strategy that optimized the client intake process and provided added insights on potential clients. The approach included:

  • Reorganize Client Intake Process: With the adoption of FindLaw Prospect Manager, the overall time devoted to client intake was cut by 25 percent. Its built-in workflow helped the firm manage their prospects all the way through the process of initial intake to signing a contract to becoming an official client. Additionally, the use of Prospect Manager helped collect all their clients’ case details and contact information, ensuring everyone at the firm was informed and knew the next steps to take.
  • Gaining Intel to Inform Decision Making: After a couple months of using Prospect Manger, the staff at Winckler & Harvey, L.L.P became well-versed at identifying quality potential clients and eliminating inadequate leads. In addition, the marketing reports gave a big-picture look at which of the firm’s marketing activities are driving people to schedule a consultation and their lead conversion rate. Overall, this accelerated the client intake process and gave a clear view of how people are reaching them by digital means.


Since adopting Prospect Manager, the firm's time devoted to client intake has decreased by 25 percent.

In 2018 alone, the firm converted 14 website leads into cases via FindLaw online marketing.

Reed Teckenbrock“Prospect Manager’s easy-to-Learn, intuitive interface maximized time and resources for productive litigation and eliminated wasted effort squandered on callers with inadequate cases.”

Reed Teckenbrock

“Prospect Manager’s easy-to-Learn, intuitive interface maximized time and resources for productive litigation and eliminated wasted effort squandered on callers with inadequate cases.”

Attorney Reed Teckenbrock

Winckler & Harvey LLP

The results

Spending less time on client intake has allowed the attorneys at Winckler & Harvey, L.L.P. to do what they are truly passionate about – practicing law. Their integrated approach to marketing and impressive track record have made the firm known throughout the state of Texas.

Pietrucha Law Firm, LLC Case Study

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