Case Study

Sullivan Law LLC

LOCATION: Kansas City, Missouri
SELECTIONS: Super Lawyers: 2010-2018
SIZE: 3 attorneys

Pietrucha Law Firm, LLC

The Situation

As a nine-time Super Lawyers listee, Sullivan has first-hand knowledge of the referral power behind a selection. In fact, he uses the magazine to refer out cases and maintains a regional list of Super Lawyers selectees he trusts to take national cases that come his way.

When Sullivan started his own firm, he didn’t know the extent to which an online and print marketing strategy could bolster business. As someone known for winning unwinnable cases, he loves a challenge. However, he was growing impatient with the long waiting periods between large cases.

Because Sullivan wanted to bring in more cases, refer more cases and keep a steady stream of cases that would change how he approached the big ones, he contacted his local marketing consultant. Sullivan did not want to grow the firm’s size, but he knew he needed more opportunity to find the intricate and time-consuming plaintiff cases that pay off.

In response, Sullivan and his local Super Lawyers and FindLaw marketing consultant designed a plan to help Sullivan receive enough contacts to find the needle in the haystack. With just a couple of those cases, Sullivan would easily make back his marketing spend without inundating the firm to a point where intake was a major issue.

The Solution

Sullivan Law set up an multi-pronged marketing strategy, making print and online advertising work in concert to provide the best possible products liability, wrongful death and motor vehicle accident cases.

  • Upgrade Web Presence: Collaborating with the FindLaw team, Sullivan Law redesigned their website and are now able to more accurately track the traffic from across Super Lawyers and FindLaw properties, as well as from common search engines and social media platforms. Also, they are able to provide a mobile-optimized experience for potential customers.
  • Expand Brand Exposure to 24,000 Attorneys: Sullivan extended his ability to reach fellow attorneys with referral opportunities by developing a full page ad in the Missouri and Kansas Super Lawyers Magazine. In addition, he gained greater visibility in the legal community, with 74 percent of Super Lawyers Magazine readers keeping each magazine for future reference, according to the Super Lawyers Readership Survey.
  • Create Targeted Content: Sullivan leveraged expert content with Ask Super Lawyers pages covering personal injury questions that legal consumers are asking.
  • Diversify Online Touch Points: Sullivan secured ads in several personal injury and motor vehicle accident targeted practice areas on Super and As a result, he saw a substantial increase in views to his firm’s profile and clicks to websites, profiles, to call and to email. In addition, purchasing a Premium Online Attorney Profile on provided him with more than a 1,000 more views than the previous year.

Views of Rob Sullivan's Super Lawyers profile in the last year.

Clicks to call or email on Sullivan Law's FindLaw and Super Lawyers directory

Sullivan Law LLC“Every year the Missouri & Kansas Super Lawyers Magazine comes out, I get a call for someone to refer a case. Print keeps us top-of-mind.”

Sullivan Law LLC

“Every year the Missouri & Kansas Super Lawyers Magazine comes out, I get a call for someone to refer a case. Print keeps us top-of-mind.”

Attorney Rob Sullivan

Rob Sullivan LLC

The results

The firm’s approach has led to more leads and two cases with large payouts expected. Sullivan said he anticipates those two cases will cover the entirety of his marketing budget for a year, if not more. With print and online ads, an enhanced and targeted directory presence and an updated web presence, Sullivan Law has seen an expanded reach to legal consumers locally and nationally. The firm’s site has also seen nearly 20 percent of visits come from mobile since making the updates. Since March, clicks to his website from his Super Lawyers directory advertisements have increased by 42 percent and clicks to call have increased by 66 percent.

Pietrucha Law Firm, LLC Case Study

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