We’re Making Your Analytics Better

New Performance Reporting Enhancements

FindLaw is improving our data systems to give you a more detailed view of the people visiting your FindLaw online property (your FirmSite and/or Directory listing). This update is part of our continual efforts to improve performance for all of your FindLaw products and is completely free of charge.

Your monthly INSIGHT reports will remain largely unchanged as this does not affect how we count the total number of visits. However, what you may see is an increase in the proportion of traffic attributed to mobile visitors. This does not mean the number of mobile visits has increased; instead, we are able to better attribute visits to mobile users in your INSIGHT reports.

You will see a more comprehensive view of the sites and devices consumers are using to find your FirmSite, including searches from Android devices. Again, this does not mean more people are visiting you using an Android device, just that we are better able to identify them in INSIGHT. These are the first of several enhancements that are aimed to provide an even better understanding of your visitors.

FindLaw is continually updating the way we operate to make sure you have to best legal marketing solutions possible. These improvements to our data collection will give your firm a better idea of how consumers are finding you and help to maximize contacts to your firm. It’s part of what being a FindLaw customer means.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Account Manager. As always, thanks for being a FindLaw customer.

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