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Online consumer behavior is shifting rapidly. There are now countless ways to engage internet users, and a website alone is no longer enough.
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Law firm marketing has changed dramatically since the early years of the internet. Gone are the days when you could build a professional website and rank it in the search engines to try and dominate your local market. Legal SEO is still an important strategy, but it’s just one piece of an increasingly complex puzzle. Because web users are in more places than ever before online, you need a multi-faceted approach to reach them. But how do you find the time to adapt to the complexities of today’s digital marketplace? And where do you even start? That’s where FindLaw comes in.

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Allie Whealan

Worcester Lawyer Marketing

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I’m Allie Whealan, and I put my business acumen and partnership skills to work for solo attorneys and small firms throughout New England. My territory includes Worcester, much of Central Massachusetts and the Heart of the Commonwealth. I have extensive experience working with companies of all sizes, but principally smaller and family-owned businesses. What I’ve really enjoyed about my career is that it has given me the chance to learn about businesses’ goals and pain points and then work closely with decision-makers to come up with real-world solutions. It’s like putting together a puzzle. Colleagues and clients I have worked with would tell you I am an excellent listener and problem-solver. My approach is at all times consultative—my clients know what they want for their businesses, and it’s my role to figure out how to get them there. I’ve had success by being accountable, promoting teamwork and upholding high levels of client service and company values. I want my clients to trust and rely on me, and that’s a relationship built on authenticity and patience. I look forward to helping small law firms and solo attorneys learn more about digital legal marketing solutions, so that we can work together to create a robust marketing program that respects their budgets and delivers results.

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One of the factors that distinguish FindLaw from other digital marketing companies is our strong local presence. We have experts in Central Massachusetts that work every day in the online markets here, and know what methods are most effective and efficient for driving targeted legal consumers to take action. Our experts live in the area, and they are able to provide personalized service and support to our clients. They hold frequent in-person meetings (when your schedule allows) to discuss the progress of your marketing campaign, and they are always available to contact whenever you have questions or concerns. FindLaw has partnered successfully with thousands of legal professionals across the country. Attorney web marketing is all we do, and we know how to help law firms grow and flourish online.

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Allie, in her own words.

FindLaw is an exclusively legal-oriented company. Our business is built around law, we have processes and professionals in place to constantly evaluate our work performance by watching our customer’s marketing performance, all while constantly adapting to the ever-changing legal world. The only way we succeed is when our clients succeed..


FindLaw works exclusively with legal professionals, and we know the legal consumer landscape & marketplace. Let the experts at FindLaw position your firm for growth in the constant changing & competitive digital marketing environment.

Central Massachusetts Integrated Lawyer Online Marketing

The Central Massachusetts region runs roughly from Worcester to the Western Boston suburbs and encompasses some smaller surrounding communities. The legal markets here are highly competitive, particularly within common practice areas such as personal injury and family law. To compete here, you need an in-depth understanding of the local market dynamics, and you need to know how to uncover hidden growth opportunities other firms may be missing.

FindLaw’s integrated solutions give legal professionals in Central Massachusetts the tools they need to achieve greater online marketing success. Our premium lawyer websites come with a professional design and content written by legal experts. Our responsive attorney web options allow you to easily connect with targeted mobile consumers. Our cutting-edge legal blog and social media promotion platform puts out a steady flow of expert content to your target market – positioning you as a thought leader in your area(s) of specialty. And our advanced client development technologies convert more targeted web visitors into paying clients. Working in sync, our integrated services allow attorneys to vastly expand their digital footprint and grow their clientele.

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