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“I'm a solutions-oriented consultant, I think my clients see that right away. I do what I say I'm going to do-being honest and realistic with clients to set proper expectations.”

My name is Abigail Tomasone and I’m your FindLaw marketing specialist. I am a licensed Pennsylvania State Realtor, and I have worked as a small business consultant for the past five years. I understand the challenge of growing clientele while still running a business, and how to stand out from competition. Before this, I worked in sales for 12 years with small businesses. I positively impacted the bottom line for my clients and I will do that for you too. My clients enjoy working with me because I focus on the relationship. I am very good with follow up communication and extremely responsive. My clients know if they ask me to do something it'll be completed correctly and quickly. I truly put the client’s needs and the consumers’ needs first, whatever is BEST for them. I make sure to stay loyal to my clients and build trust.

"“As someone who has struggled in the past with needing consultation from an attorney and not knowing what direction to go, it really makes you feel unguided and you question if you're making the right decision. It’s really a win, win for my client and their customer because they're now getting better leads and their customer knows they made the right decision.”"

Abigail Tomasone

Lawyer Marketing Specialist

Law Firm Growth Solutions

attract potential clients
Attract Potential Clients
Consumer begins searching for options to resolve a legal issue.

Engage prospects
Engage Prospects
Consumer engages with online resources to evaluate firm.

Connect with prospect
Connect to Clients
Consumer commits to a firm based on research and engagement.

Awards & Recognition

The Legal Standard Of Excellence.

findlaw web award

FindLaw is the proud recipient of six 2020 WebAwards, the standards-defining competition that sets industry benchmarks for the best websites.

IAC award

FindLaw is proud to have won two Platinum Hermes Creative Awards and six Gold Hermes Creative Awards in 2020. Hermes Creative Award is one of the oldest creative competitions in the world.

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Abigail, In her own Words

FindLaw is a no brainer. We work exclusively with Attorneys to bring them more and better potential clients that lead to more lucrative cases, helping to reduce their caseload. We help them maximize their return on investment. They can actually see where their marketing dollars are going. We create legal marketing solutions that deliver results. FindLaw is the world’s largest legal directory, with 11 Million visits/month. Findlaw beats the competition every time.

Pennsylvania Attorney Marketing

FindLaw’s integrated lawyer marketing solutions effectively address the needs of legal professionals regardless of their location. Our award-winning attorney web designs come with a responsive mobile option that is easily viewable on tablets and smartphones. Our cutting-edge blog and social media platform keeps a steady flow of content in front of targeted prospects – positioning you as a thought leader in your area of practice. Our advanced web traffic conversion technologies turn more online visitors into paying clients. Working synergistically, our integrated solutions produce maximum return on your marketing dollars.

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