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It’s the nature of the modern information age. The digital landscape is rapidly evolving, and internet marketing is becoming more complex.
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Online consumer behavior is rapidly shifting. Today, web users are seeking a more mobile and social experience. And although a professional website and viable SEO strategy are both important, these two elements alone are no longer enough to stay competitive online. To succeed in today’s digital marketplace, you need a multi-faceted approach that makes you omnipresent and allows you to capture a larger share of your target market. And that’s where FindLaw’s expertise can help.

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I’m Rick Bender and I’m your FindLaw attorney marketing specialist for Union County, Essex County, Morris County, and Middlesex Counties of New Jersey. I have worked with small business owners since 1987, and I started in internet marketing and advertising in 1999. I have worked with all types of industries to help market and grow their businesses, and I have worked exclusively with legal professionals since 2012. I have also been a member of three Bar associations in Southern New Jersey. My clients appreciate working with me because I am committed to building a solid, trusting relationship, and I work tirelessly to ensure their success. Internet marketing is a long-term commitment; it can be changed, refocused, and redesigned based on the client’s goals, needs, and results. I like to have regular conversations with my clients to ensure that we are continually maximizing their return on investment and exceeding their expectations. If you are looking for a long-term partner who is focused on taking your digital marketing efforts to the next level, contact me to set up a free, no obligation consultation.

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FindLaw has local experts with extensive knowledge of the New Jersey markets. We live in the area, and we have their fingers on the pulse of what is happening within the local communities. Our experts understand digital marketing, and how to effectively utilize FindLaw’s comprehensive suite of industry-best integrated attorney marketing solutions to produce optimal ROI. FindLaw is the national leader in internet marketing for lawyers. We work exclusively with legal professionals, and we have successfully partnered with nearly 20,000 clients throughout the nation. Our successful track record within the legal industry is a major reason so many firms trust us with their online marketing needs.

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Rick, in his own words.

The thing I love about working in the internet marketing/advertising industry is that I directly have a huge responsibility in helping each one of my clients. I get a great thrill when I hear successful stories and cases that came into their law firm by our marketing efforts and/or a solution that I recommended.


When a prospect chooses me to help grow and exceed the goals & needs of their business, I take great pride in that decision (by my client) and strive to change their opinions of sales people in general. I get great pleasure when my clients renew or even upgrade their program. It shows that they have developed a trust with me and my previous program recommendation have provided a positive return on their investment.


I really enjoy working with attorneys for many reasons. They are professional, they work hard, and they really enjoy helping their clients and resolving their needs. FindLaw is to me the cream of the crop when it comes to internet marketing for attorneys. Legal web marketing is all we do, and over 17,000 attorneys have trusted us to expand their digital presence. We have been doing this since the early days of the internet, and we have numerous marketing avenues to help attorneys grow their practices.   

New Jersey Integrated Lawyer Marketing Solutions

New Jersey is a densely populated state with many people who work and commute to New York City every day. There are a lot of attorneys here, many of whom spend significant amounts on legal advertising. Areas such as Union County, Essex County, Morris County and Middlesex County have highly competitive legal markets, and to succeed here, you need to understand the local dynamics and adopt a robust strategy to uncover hidden gaps within the marketplace that can be turned into growth opportunities.
FindLaw’s wide range of cutting-edge integrated law firm marketing tools put New Jersey attorneys in a position to grow their firms more quickly than many believe possible. Our award-winning law firm websites come with a premium design and content developed by legal experts. Our responsive legal websites are easily viewable on all mobile devices. Our high-traffic directory placements have the potential to quickly bring in targeted leads. And our web traffic conversion technologies turn more online visitors into paying clients. These and other integrated tools work in sync to help expand your digital footprint and build your clientele.

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