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The digital marketplace is rapidly changing. Today, there are countless avenues to reach consumers, and a website alone is no longer enough.
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A professional website is still important, and a strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is important as well. But these are pieces of an increasingly complex puzzle. Online consumers are becoming more mobile and social, and to reach a larger share of your target audience, you need a multi-pronged approach that meets prospects where they are, and leads them through your doors. But how do legal professionals find time to adjust to the growing complexity of the internet? And where do you even start? That’s where FindLaw comes in.

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Austin Aimone

Burlington County NJ Attorney Marketing Strategist

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My name is Austin Aimone and I’m your FindLaw client development specialist for communities throughout Burlington County and Southern New Jersey. I started with FindLaw in 2020 and have partnered with countless attorneys and legal practices to develop customized integrated web marketing programs designed to expand their clientele and grow their practices. I'm an experienced professional and I understand the legal marketing business as well as the local markets here in New Jersey. Clients appreciate working with me because I care about their success and I'm a trustworthy resource who is always available for them. If you are looking for an active partner who will work tirelessly to drive positive results to your firm, contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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One of the critical factors that helps set FindLaw apart from other online marketing companies is our local expertise. We have specialists on the ground working daily in the Southern New Jersey legal markets. We have our fingers on the pulse of what is happening within the local communities, and we know what marketing methods work best to drive more profitable cases to area law firms. Our specialists are not only local experts, we are internet marketing experts who know how to effectively utilize FindLaw’s comprehensive suite of market-leading integrated web development programs to help legal professionals soar above their competition. At FindLaw, we have successfully partnered with nearly 20,000 attorneys and legal practices throughout the country. We have worked exclusively in the law firm marketing space for over two decades, and we know what it takes to drive successful results to your firm.

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Midwest Disability PA No one could match the experience that FindLaw had when it came to marketing attorneys on the internet. Thomas A. Klint FindLaw Customer Since 2009


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Austin, in his own words.

I think that every legal professional needs to market themselves to complement the referral business that they receive. In this day and age, attorneys have difficulty surviving on referrals alone. If done correctly, integrated web marketing is the most effective strategy to bring in qualified clients.  


We have built tens of thousands of websites exclusively for law firms, and we own the most frequently visited legal directories on the internet;, and Our exclusive focus on legal marketing and our integrated solutions form a powerful combination that positions attorneys to grow and prosper online.

Integrated Online Marketing for Lawyers in Burlington County and Southern New Jersey

The New Jersey legal markets are highly competitive. Local legal professionals are not only competing against other area firms, but also against Philadelphia firms who want to expand into this market. To compete successfully here, you need to understand the local market dynamics and how to uncover hidden growth opportunities that will help you stand out from the competition.

FindLaw’s top integrated legal marketing plans help Southern New Jersey firms vastly expand their digital footprint. Our award-winning attorney web designs (FirmSites) are custom-tailored to the specifics of your firm with unique content developed by legal experts. Our responsive legal FirmSites allow consumers in the burgeoning mobile market to more easily connect with your firm. Our high-traffic legal directories provide a nearly endless source of targeted local leads. And our advanced client development programs help convert more targeted visitors into paying clients. Working together, these and other integrated solutions put our clients in a position to achieve their goals and maximize ROI.

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