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Today’s internet requires a multi-pronged strategy to make your online marketing visible and bring more clients through your door.
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The internet today is a far cry from what it was during its early days back in the mid-1990s. These days, there are hundreds of millions of websites competing for the attention of consumers. There are also numerous virtual front doors from which consumers can potentially connect with your firm. Building a professional law firm website is great, but it does you no good if no one can see it. But with all the demands on your plate, how do you find time to put together an integrated attorney marketing strategy? That’s where FindLaw comes in.

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Edward Scott

Salt Lake City and Boise Law Firm Marketing Strategist

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My name is Edward Scott and I’m your Law Firm Marketing Specialist for Salt Lake City, Ogden, Boise, and surrounding Utah and Idaho communities. I have worked with Thomson Reuters Westlaw for over 21 years, providing assistance from solo to large law firms, in Century City and Los Angeles. I help firms increase productivity and revenue growth through our software solutions. My clients appreciate working with me because I am upfront, honest, and I treat my clients with respect. My initial consultation is about learning about the practice to see if there is even a fit. My goal is not to sell a product, but to deliver a potential solution. I will never recommend a solution that will not help my clients or pressure them into something they are not comfortable with. If you are looking for a long-term partner who is committed to your success, contact me today to schedule a free consultation.

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Our local strategists are in tune with what is happening in Utah and Idaho. We are local to your area, and we understand the dynamics within the specific communities and which digital mediums are most effective in promoting law practices like yours. At FindLaw, we have partnered with thousands of attorneys and law firms throughout the country to help them achieve greater results online. We know what is working in the world of attorney marketing today, and we stay continually on the cutting edge of all the latest developments in the digital world, so we will know what is working tomorrow as well. Combining our vast expertise with the knowledge on the ground our local strategists possess, we are able to position you to attract more (and better) cases, so you can focus on what you do best – practicing law.

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Integrated Law Firm Marketing Strategies for Utah and Idaho

Utah and Idaho residents are family-oriented, and they value high ethical standards above profit and performance. At FindLaw, we adhere to these same standards. Our local consultants are part of this community, and we go above and beyond to deliver quality and value to each client we serve. Our integrated legal marketing tools help legal professionals in this area connect with prospects in a personal way. Whether it is through our attorney mobile web designs that are easily visible on smartphones and tablets, our online lawyer videos, or social media marketing tools, we work closely with our clients to deliver integrated solutions that help their firms grow and flourish.

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