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It’s the nature of the information age. The digital landscape becomes increasingly complex, and you need more than just a website to compete.
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A professional website is still your primary online asset and ranking it in the search engines is still a viable strategy. But these are both pieces of an ever-expanding puzzle. Internet users today are more mobile and social, and many of them bypass traditional search engines altogether. To reach them, you need a comprehensive strategy that makes you omnipresent and able to engage targeted prospects in more places online. How do you find time to do all that and practice law at the same time? That’s where FindLaw comes in.

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Kelsi Buchheit

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My name is Kelsi Buchheit and I’m your FindLaw legal marketing expert for Portland, Salem, Bend, Eugene, and communities throughout the Willamette Valley in Oregon. My clients appreciate working with me because I am customer-service oriented, have strong attention to detail, a great sense of humor, I’m energetic, enthusiastic, and as an athlete, I love to win. If you don’t win as a client, I don’t win as your rep, so we’re in this together! In the Portland area, we are strongly focused on the local community. I understand this area, and what drives local legal consumers to take action. I am a consultant first and foremost; meaning I’m not here to “sell” you on something you don’t need. I always put together programs that are most beneficial to your practice by attracting the cases you want and maximizing return on your marketing dollars. If you are looking to grow your firm in today’s digital age, I am here to help! Contact me to set up a free, no-obligation consultation.

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FindLaw has specialists on the ground in Portland serving communities throughout Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Our specialists are local to the area, and have their fingers on the pulse of what is happening in the markets here. They know what is working and what is not working, and they are able to make real-time adjustments to keep your marketing campaign on track toward meeting your goals. Our specialists are not only local experts, they also have in-depth knowledge of internet marketing in general and how to effectively utilize FindLaw’s top integrated lawyer marketing solutions to help area law firms grow and prosper. At FindLaw, we have helped thousands of legal professionals become successful online.

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Midwest Disability PA No one could match the experience that FindLaw had when it came to marketing attorneys on the internet. Thomas A. Klint FindLaw Customer Since 2009


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Kelsi, in her own words.

I believe that when you focus on a vertical like legal marketing, you can really master the craft and get to know the industry. When you are the expert in marketing for the industry & not just any & every industry like so many advertising companies out there…you can really focus on the details to make a campaign succeed/soar above your competitors.

FindLaw is the right choice for legal professionals because we are the best in the business and we know lawyers better than anyone. We have performance strategies focused exclusively on helping attorneys bring in more business, and we have numerous web properties that are geared toward lawyers and legal consumers. Attorneys know and trust us, and they know that we have the capability to deliver them successful results.

Integrated Digital Marketing for Law Firms in Portland and the Pacific Northwest 

The legal markets in Oregon are highly diverse. Portland has one of the larger metro areas in the country. This area has seen tremendous growth recently with Intel and other companies moving more employees into the area. This has created new opportunities for attorneys who are innovative and tech-savvy to capture a larger share of this growing market. Medium-sized towns such as Salem and Eugene are growing as well, but they are still fairly competitive, particularly within common practice areas such as personal injury, divorce and family law. In out-state Oregon, there are many rural areas wherein attorneys and law firms have more unique needs.


FindLaw’s integrated attorney web marketing solutions provide legal professionals in Oregon the tools they need to effectively compete within their local internet marketplace. Our premium lawyer web designs project a professional image and showcase the strengths of your firm. Our attorney directory placements can generate almost immediate business for your practice, and our cutting-edge legal blog and social media engagement platform provides ongoing content that positions you as a thought leader in your local market and area(s) of practice. Our top integrated legal marketing programs work synergistically to bring in more profitable cases, so your firm can grow and flourish.

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