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The internet landscape is changing rapidly; and today, a professional attorney website is no longer enough to effectively compete.
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There is a rapid shift occurring in online consumer behavior. For example, over half of all internet connections are now made via mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. In addition, web users are spending more of their time watching videos and interacting on popular social media sites such as Facebook. To reach more targeted legal consumers in today’s online marketplace, you need a multi-pronged strategy that addresses these market shifts. And that’s where FindLaw’s expertise can help.

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My name is Nick Hansen and I’m your FindLaw client development specialist for St Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth, and Western Wisconsin. I have been with Thomson Reuters for over 13 years, and I specialize in creating customized integrated online marketing plans that help law firms accomplish their goals and maximize ROI. I understand the local markets here in the Twin Cities, out-state Minnesota and Western Wisconsin, and I know what it takes to make your firm successful online. I am driven by the success of my clients, and I work tirelessly to ensure we are continually meeting (and exceeding) your expectations. If you are looking for a long-term partner that is committed to helping your firm grow and prosper, contact me to schedule a free consultation.

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He is trustworthy, kind and is responsive to my questions about how to improve the marketing of my practice.
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Nick is always helpful, knowledgeable and professional. He's often passing on great opportunities for my business.
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I have gotten a lot of clients from my website And have received compliments on my website often. The cost is worth the services provided.
Sheila K.

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FindLaw has local specialists working in the St Paul-Minneapolis area and throughout out-state Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. They work in these markets every day, and they have their fingers on the pulse of what is happening in the local communities. They understand what is working and what is not (from a marketing perspective) and they combine this in-depth knowledge with FindLaw’s market-leading integrated legal web development tools to help area law firms grow and flourish. FindLaw has been serving the legal industry for over a century. Attorney marketing is embedded into our DNA, and we have the data, talent and resources to produce optimal results for law firms of all types and sizes.

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FindLaw uses social media advertising to promote well-written, targeted content that highlights the expertise of our clients to their best possible prospects. Consumers are spending so much more time on social media, and less time using search to start their quest for help online, and our social media campaigns expose our clients to this audience and highlight their strengths. Also and, drive highly qualified traffic to your site, prospects that are ready to act right away. These tools combined with our other industry-best integrated solutions produce exceptional results for our clients.


Marketing is an investment that will generate a return for your business. Simply having a website to be found in search does not work anymore, but this has actually created an opportunity for EVERYONE to reach their potential clients online. Law firms are no longer fighting over the 10 spots at the top of Google for a few search terms. This change has also made it more important than ever to have expert guidance in choosing the best way to reach your desired audience, engage them, and drive them to contact you.


FindLaw runs the online marketing for tens of thousands of law firms across the country, and we have for over 20 years. We use this experience, knowledge and data to drive our decisions and make sure we are delivering the best possible ROI for our clients. 

The markets in St. Paul and the East metro are highly competitive, with lots of attorneys spending significantly on legal advertising. Attorneys in areas like Duluth, Bemidji, and Wausau WI have more unique needs. They are typically trying to serve a much larger area (land-wise), and potential clients may be less comfortable with technology — and connecting primarily on mobile devices.

FindLaw’s integrated lawyer marketing solutions effectively address the needs of legal professionals regardless of their location. Our award-winning attorney web designs come with a responsive mobile option that is easily viewable on tablets and smartphones. Our cutting-edge blog and social media platform keeps a steady flow of content in front of targeted prospects – positioning you as a thought leader in your area of practice. Our advanced web traffic conversion technologies turn more online visitors into paying clients. Working synergistically, our integrated solutions produce maximum return on your marketing dollars.

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