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“My clients get the most up to date expert advice to help them continue to navigate the digital marketing landscape.”

I’m Nick Russo, and while none of my clients are exactly like any other, I’ve found a helpful approach that almost always gets us started on the right foot – I ask “What do you want?” and follow it with, “Let's figure out what you have.”

I like beginning a relationship that way because it immediately sets me thinking about what success looks like for this particular client, and if I understand what a given law firm or attorney already has in place, I don’t have to waste time recommending redundant offerings. Instead, I can look across FindLaw’s broad portfolio of digital legal marketing products, find ones that will work the best and provide the biggest return on investment, and start creating a plan.

I work with law firms and solo attorneys from Sacramento to San Francisco. That gives me insight into how these businesses are different from one another – and how they’re the same. All want more paying clients. The art of my role is figuring out how to help bring those clients in, and how to do so in a way that respects each client’s budget, goals and wishes for the future.

"I have seen digital marketing change over the years, and I know from experience what works and what doesn’t. I can provide expertise that will help my clients stand out in a competitive field. "

Nick Russo

Sacramento County Law Firm Marketing Specialist

Law Firm Growth Solutions

attract potential clients
Attract Potential Clients
Consumer begins searching for options to resolve a legal issue.

Engage prospects
Engage Prospects
Consumer engages with online resources to evaluate firm.

Connect with prospect
Connect to Clients
Consumer commits to a firm based on research and engagement.

Awards & Recognition

The Legal Standard Of Excellence.

findlaw web award

FindLaw is the proud recipient of six 2020 WebAwards, the standards-defining competition that sets industry benchmarks for the best websites.

IAC award

FindLaw is proud to have won two Platinum Hermes Creative Awards and six Gold Hermes Creative Awards in 2020. Hermes Creative Award is one of the oldest creative competitions in the world.

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Nick, In His Own Words

FindLaw provides comprehensive business development solutions, empowering medium law firms to successfully build their brands and connect with legal consumers to grow their practices. gets 12 million visits per month making it the number one online legal directory. FindLaw has over 18,500 law firm clients and we have built over 10,000 law firm websites.

Integrated Law Firm Marketing Services in Sacramento

The lower cost of living and desire to enjoy the outdoors has brought an influx of residents who are relocating to Sacramento from the San Francisco Bay Area. This has resulted in more attorneys, making this an extremely competitive legal market. It has also brought over more consumers and an increase in demand for quality legal services, regardless of the practice area. FindLaw’s local experts work closely with legal professionals in Sacramento, Roseville and Folsom East to Lake Tahoe and North to Butte County to capitalize on this increased demand. Our integrated law firm marketing services — such as our award-winning attorney websites (FirmSites), mobile FirmSites, high-traffic legal directory, lawyer blogs, social media promotion, and many more – give area attorneys the competitive advantage they need to capture an increasing number of potential clients.

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