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In today’s digital age, information travels at breakneck speeds and the online marketplace becomes increasingly complex.
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Today’s internet users are more mobile and social than ever before. Over half now connect to the web through tablets and smartphones, and they spend a lot more of their time watching video and interacting on popular social media sites. To compete today, it is no longer enough to put up a website and try to rank it in the search engines. You need a multi-faceted approach that puts you in more places and allows you to engage more of your target audience. And that’s where FindLaw’s expertise can pay big dividends.

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Bram Van Loon

Washington Metros Legal Marketing Expert

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My name is Bram Van Loon and I’m your FindLaw attorney marketing specialist for Washington D.C. metro and surrounding areas. I have in-depth knowledge of how to properly market a firm, and I specialize in brand growth, client development, and developing marketable strategies. My clients appreciate working with me because I am hard-working, available, and knowledgeable about both their business and mine. I listen to my clients’ goals and make their objectives my priority. And I quickly respond to phone calls/emails, because I believe customer service is the most important quality in a consulting relationship. If you are looking for a partner who understands your goals and is committed to your success, contact me to schedule a free consultation.

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At FindLaw, we have local specialists working daily within the markets in Washington D.C. and surrounding areas. I work closely with lawyers and law firms to develop customized integrated marketing solutions that help gain greater online visibility and grow their firm. I know the local D.C. area markets well, and I know what marketing methods work best to drive legal consumers to take action. My clients appreciate working with me because I am dedicated to ensuring their success, and I take the time to listen and learn their specific needs. After a thorough assessment of the specifics of your firm and local markets, I can create a plan that fully addresses your needs, stays within your budget, and accomplishes your goals. If you are looking for a partner that will always have your best interests in mind, contact me to schedule a free marketing consultation.

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Bram, in his own words.

I am a good resource in helping clients to grow their brand/business. I am educated in my field of practice, and have a track record of success in helping my clients achieve their business goals. I believe in honesty and integrity in all aspects of life, but most importantly in business.  

Unlike some of our competitors, I am not in the business of selling. I am in the business of providing solutions. My first consultation is a needs analysis that will determine what we have to do to help my client reach his/her business goals. I am only concerned with helping my client and building a positive and long term relationship.

I wake up every day with the drive to be a better version of myself than I was the day before. With that said, we are in an interesting age right now. We are in the “information age”. This era is so unique because there is an unbelievable amount of information available to the average person.


If you are an attorney, it is a MUST to do legal online marketing to capitalize on the opportunities the digital age has presented. I recommend using our resources rather than a local “mom & pop shop”, because we have the resources and experience needed to effectively deliver ROI and help reach your goals. Bottom line: FindLaw is the leader in this industry.  

Integrated Lawyer Marketing for Washington D.C.

Legal marketing in DC is highly competitive considering that there are thousands of attorneys within a 100-mile radius. DC is also one of the most affluent areas in the country. You need a way to distinguish your firm from your competitors. Your clients won’t find you without being in the right directories/search results, and they won’t respect your firm without a quality website.

FindLaw has a successful track record in Washington D.C. and the surrounding legal markets. Our integrated lawyer marketing plans are flexible and can be customized around the needs of each firm to ensure your campaign is optimized and producing the maximum possible returns on your marketing dollars.

Some of our market-leading legal web development solutions include our award-winning law firm websites (FirmSites), responsive mobile FirmSite options, legal directory advertisements, attorney search engine optimization (SEO), lawyer blogging, social media marketing for law firms, and countless others. We integrate just the right combination of these solutions to help put you on the road to accomplishing both your short-term and long-term goals.

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