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Online marketing is growing more complex everyday. Today, consumers have numerous paths to your virtual front door.
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In the increasingly complex digital landscape, a professional website is not enough to be competitive. Internet users today are looking for a more individualized experience. More than half of online users now connect using tablets or smart phones, and a growing number of consumers bypass traditional search engines and look for legal services in other ways. To compete successfully, you need a strategy that meets targeted prospects where they are, and leads them through your door. But how do attorneys find time to develop this type of strategy? That’s where FindLaw’s expertise can make all the difference.

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Ben Erlich

Phoenix & Scottsdale Lawyer Marketing

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My name is Ben Erlich and I’m your FindLaw attorney marketing specialist for the Phoenix metro area; including Scottsdale, Prescott and surrounding communities. I have been in sales and marketing since 2008 and specialize in creating custom-tailored integrated legal marketing plans designed to deliver optimal results. My clients appreciate working with me because I work tirelessly to deliver on expectations. I take the success of my clients very personally, because my reputation is on the line with everything I do. My clients mean a lot to me, and I will not recommend anything unless it is likely to add value and generate a solid return. If you are looking for a partner that is committed to seeing you achieve your online marketing goals, contact me to schedule a free consultation.

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FindLaw’s local specialists are a major reason we stand out from other internet marketing companies. Our specialists work every day in the Phoenix markets, and they are in touch with what is happening within the local communities. They know what is working and what is not working in the legal marketing world and they continually monitor the latest trends within the digital landscape that may impact law firm marketing plans. Our specialists are local to the area thus able to deliver personalized service and support to our clients. They meet with you regularly to discuss the progress of your marketing campaign, and are always available whenever you need to reach out with questions or concerns. At FindLaw, we work exclusively with attorneys and we have helped thousands of clients achieve their web marketing objectives.

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DeShon Pullen & Associates

“I began advertising my family law practice with FindLaw approximately three and a half years ago. At the time I was a solo practitioner with no employees and no aspirations for growth. After advertising with FindLaw on a very limited scale I began to quickly realize that I would need to re-evaluate my business objectives as I was receiving more work from the FindLaw advertising then I could complete without hiring at least one paralegal. At the time I decided that I would expand the firm to cover the increased volume of work and hired a part time paralegal. As I increased my advertising with FindLaw I realized that I would have to continue to consider additional growth potential. I believe that solely due to my FindLaw advertising, my practice has now grown to a firm with 3 lawyers, 2 paralegals, and a total of 9 employees. As the advertising continues to provide more work than the current staffing can maintain, I am constantly evaluating the need for additional staffing. Advertising with FindLaw is the reason for my firm’s success and was the single most important business decision I have made since leaving a large firm and starting my own practice.”


Righi Law Group

“FindLaw has been a fantastic resource to our firm. As a start up law firm, we interacted with many vendors to get our firm operational. FindLaw’s outstanding service and employees exceeded our expectations and set the bar high for the other vendors. We now say that we want to be the “FindLaw” of the legal community. The website development process was understandable and actually fun. From development of the website to positioning on the web, FindLaw provided the help and guidance we needed to successfully market our firm.”


Law Offices of Scott J. McWilliams

“FindLaw has helped the Law Office of Scott J. McWilliams LLC grow into a successful and thriving law firm. We have now upgraded four times with FindLaw, and with each upgrade, we have seen a corresponding growth in qualified web traffic and business. We rely on FindLaw to provide valuable marketing advice to our North Phoenix law firm.”


Law Offices of Kenneth E. Chase

“I have been practicing law for nearly 30 years. Until recent years, my business primarily came from referrals and, to a lesser degree, yellow page advertising. However, with the birth of the internet, the writing was clearly on the wall…to reach the widest audience, internet marketing was the future of advertising. Although I made a presence on other attorney-focused websites, it was not until I met FindLaw that I truly understood how ineffective my other websites were. Not only did I not have the benefit of someone with FindLaw’s keen experience , but I was never provided with sufficient education or support to understand what needed to be done to achieve success on the internet. All of that changed because of FindLaw. They took the time (and lots of it) to thoroughly and patiently explain the importance of proper website construction, its relationship to the internet, and the keys to placement and positioning of the website on the various search engines. FindLaw had the talent to make simple what I had always thought was a foreign, indecipherable language. Not only did they succeed in educating me, but the FindLaw team made my FindLaw-created website successful beyond even my consultants ambitious projections. If you are not on the internet yet, you need to be. And if you choose anyone but FindLaw to facilitate your transition, you will have done yourself a disservice. FindLaw is extremely knowledgeable, conscientious and they will always do what it takes to help you succeed.”

Ben in his own words:

I love watching my clients grow their business directly from our integrated marketing efforts. I have had several clients that I sat down with in the beginning when they were solo practitioners, they ironed out their clear goals of growth, and now they have blossomed into larger successful firms in the Valley.   


Many legal websites are like billboards in a cornfield and are completely invisible to their target demographic. Behaviors have changed as more and more prospective clients and referrals conduct their due diligence online. Anyone can design a website, but VISIBILITY is the most crucial component!  It is also crucial to ensure that your online footprint and website are converting referrals/visitors into clients, and we have the conversion strategies necessary to ensure that your website is generating quality clients and stands out from your competition. FindLaw has access to the integrated resources and data necessary to ensure that my clients are successful and yielding a high return on their marketing dollars.     


Phoenix Integrated Attorney Web Marketing

As the area has grown, the legal markets in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area have become highly competitive. There are countless legal professionals in the area, many of whom spend a lot of money on attorney advertising. To compete here, you need to understand the unique dynamics of the local markets and what drives legal consumers to take action.

FindLaw’s local experts have in-depth knowledge of the Phoenix markets. After a thorough assessment of your firm, they combine just the right mix of our industry-leading integrated legal marketing solutions to help area law firms grow and prosper. Premium lawyer websites, responsive legal web designs, attorney SEO, law firm video, lawyer blogs, and countless other solutions work in sync to help expand your local digital footprint.

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