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The digital landscape is rapidly changing. In today’s increasingly complex marketplace, a website is no longer enough to compete effectively.

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A professional law firm website is still essential – it is your digital “calling card.” But your website is now just one of several potential pathways to your virtual office doors. Online legal consumers are spending a lot more of their time watching YouTube videos and interacting on well-known social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. This means large numbers of consumers are bypassing traditional search engines altogether, and finding solutions to their needs in other ways. To address these changes and reach targeted prospects, you need a multi-pronged strategy that makes you omnipresent – so you can reach more of your target audience. But how do you put together such a strategy and focus on practicing law at the same time? That’s where FindLaw comes in.

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Jamie Roth

Philadelphia Lawyer Marketing Expert

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My name is Jamie Roth and I’m your FindLaw attorney marketing specialist for downtown Philadelphia and throughout the Philadelphia metro area. I work closely with legal professionals in this area to create customized integrated web marketing plans designed to achieve my client’s goals and maximize ROI. I know the local markets here in-depth, and I know what is necessary to develop a solution that can help expand your digital footprint. Clients like working with me because of my ability to provide the ideal internet marketing solution without breaking the bank. I pride myself on diligent client service, and I continue to build the relationship and remain an integral long-term partner for all of my client’s firms. If you are looking for a partner that is committed to delivering optimal results, contact me any time to arrange a free consultation.

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FindLaw has local specialists who know the ins and outs of the markets in the Philadelphia area. Our specialists work in these markets every day, and we have in-depth knowledge of what methods are most effective for producing optimal results for area law firms. Being local to the area, we also provide personalized face-to-face service for our clients, with in-person meetings on a regular basis to review the progress of your marketing campaign. Our specialists are also online marketing experts who know how to effectively utilize FindLaw’s cutting-edge integrated attorney marketing tools to give clients a competitive edge in their local marketplace. FindLaw has partnered with nearly 20,000 legal professionals throughout the country. We work exclusively with attorneys, and we know what it takes to make your practice more successful.

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Jamie, in her own words.

Law firm marketing is only as good as the solution offered. I strive to make the best decision possible for each firmto help them become more successful. 


I love our integrated online solutions because they help attract more (and better) clients to the firm.


FindLaw has decades of experience working exclusively with attorneys to help build clientele. Other companies out there cannot make that claim.

Philadelphia Integrated Law Firm Web Marketing Solutions

The legal markets here in the Philadelphia metro area can be challenging and difficult to penetrate. Downtown Philly is highly competitive, with lots of lawyers and law firms, many of whom spend a fortune on attorney advertising. As you go further out into Delaware, Montgomery, Chester and Bucks Counties,  the Mainline area and into towns like Media, it becomes less competitive, but it is still challenging to compete in common practice areas like personal injury, criminal and family law.

FindLaw’s industry-best integrated law firm marketing programs provide the tools Philadelphia area attorneys need to build their practices. After a thorough assessment of the specific needs of your firm, our local experts integrate just the right mixture of our cutting edge tools to address your needs, accomplish your goals, and maximize return on your marketing dollars. At FindLaw, we are continually adapting to shifts in the online marketplace, and we never stop working to keep our clients several steps ahead of their competition.

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