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It’s the nature of the information age. The digital marketplace continually evolves, and online marketing becomes increasingly complex.

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Online consumer behavior is changing rapidly. Today, internet users are seeking a more individualized experience, and many are bypassing traditional web browsers and search engines altogether. Web users are also spending more of their time watching videos and interacting on popular social media platforms such as Facebook. In today’s internet, a professional website is no longer enough to compete. You need a multi-pronged strategy that meets targeted prospects where they are, and leads them through your office doors. And that’s where FindLaw comes in.

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Josh Corbelli

Pasadena Attorney Marketing Specialist

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My name is Josh Corbelli and I’m your FindLaw attorney marketing specialist for Pasadena and surrounding LA County, California communities. I began my digital marketing career in 2006, and I have worn all hats in a marketing firm. I began as an in-house SEO building organic visibility for an e-Commerce site (increased revenue 30% year-over-year), then jumped into a full marketing agency, where I personally built more than 30 websites and managed dozens of projects. I have also owned a couple of small marketing businesses in the past, and I understand the need for a consistently full sales pipeline - success comes down to cash flow. Since 2013, I've taken my varied and diverse experience and leveraged it to help some of California's top law firms grow massively. My clients appreciate working with me because I am trustworthy, effective, and I have in-depth experience with ALL aspects of marketing (both traditional and digital). I also have a thorough understanding of what solutions my clients need to reach their specific goals. If you are looking to take your online marketing efforts to the next level, I can help you develop a winning strategy to that fully addresses your needs, stays within your budget, and maximizes ROI. Contact me to schedule a free consultation.

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FindLaw has online marketing strategists working every day within the local markets here in Los Angeles County. They know the ins and outs of the local communities here, and they know what works and what doesn’t work to bring in more targeted leads to area firms. Our strategists live in the Pasadena area, and they are able to deliver highly personalized service to our clients. They meet with you to learn the specifics of your firm and develop a customized solution, and they are there with you every step of the way as your solution is implemented. If you ever have questions or concerns, they are just an email or phone call away. FindLaw has thousands of satisfied clients throughout the nation. Law firm marketing is all we do, and we know what it takes to help your firm succeed online.

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Josh, in his own words.

We’re in an age of automation, of simplification. And in some respects, people’s lives have improved as a result. But when it comes to the legal industry, people need a dedicated, trusted and professional expert representing them. This is not an industry in which to cut corners or over-simplify things. While word of mouth referrals still account for much of the clientele attorneys bring in, that dynamic is shifting, and attorneys need to better position themselves for growth in a digital age.


I’ve worked in a lot of industries and for a number of different companies. The reason I’m with FindLaw is because we are the industry leader in legal web marketing. FindLaw knows the business of law – from legal consumer insights to holistic, integrated attorney marketing strategies and all points in-between – and FindLaw knows how to deliver consistent results.


Integrated Online Marketing for Attorneys in Pasadena and LA County

While only a few miles apart, the Pasadena and Los Angeles markets are noticeably different. Traffic concerns prohibit some LA residents from hiring Pasadena attorneys, even though they may be well qualified. On the other hand, the affluence of Pasadena affords niche attorneys the ability to attract and appeal to a more affluent legal consumer base. To compete successfully here, you need to understand unique market dynamics and have the ability to adopt an innovative approach that uncovers hidden growth opportunities your competitors may be overlooking.

FindLaw’s cutting-edge integrated lawyer marketing programs provide LA County attorneys the tools they need to stand out in even the most competitive markets. Our award-winning legal websites (FirmSites) project a highly professional image, our legal directories have the potential to bring in almost immediate prospects, our online lawyer videos allow consumers to get to know your personality, and our advanced client development technologies convert more targeted web visitors into paying clients. Working synergistically, our integrated solutions help deliver exceptional results that can more quickly grow your practice.

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