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In the modern digital age, information travels at lightning speeds, and the internet is constantly evolving.
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In today’s increasingly complex online landscape, it is no longer enough to put up a website and try to rank it in the search engines. These are still important elements of your digital marketing strategy, but they are pieces of an ever-expanding puzzle. Web users are more mobile and social, and many of them no longer use traditional search engines to find legal services. To compete today, you need a multi-faceted approach that puts you in more places and allows you to reach more targeted prospects. That’s where FindLaw comes in.

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My name is Kayleigh Wheeler and I’m your FindLaw marketing specialist for Central Oklahoma. I have over a decade of experience in marketing & business sales, I started with FindLaw in 2017. I love working with FindLaw; the global leader in web marketing for lawyers, and I work tirelessly to grow clientele for attorneys using FindLaw’s industry-leading solutions. I am also an Oklahoma City native. I understand the unique dynamics of the local markets here, and what it takes to gain a strong competitive edge. My clients appreciate working with me because I’m driven to be the best, and I’m always available to help when you need it. I strive to help attain your firm’s purpose and goals, and I do whatever it takes to ensure you receive maximum return on your marketing dollars. If you are looking for a partner who is committed to your firm’s success, I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust. Contact me today to schedule a free consultation.

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At FindLaw, our strong local presence is an essential factor that helps set us apart from others in the legal marketing space. We have experts based in Oklahoma City that work daily within the Central Oklahoma markets. We have our fingers on the pulse of what is happening within the local communities here, and we know what marketing methods work best to compel legal consumers to take action. We not only have vast local expertise, we also have an in-depth understanding of internet marketing in general, and how to effectively utilize FindLaw’s market-leading integrated attorney web development programs to help law firms grow and flourish. FindLaw has a long history and successful track record working exclusively in the legal industry. We have partnered with thousands of lawyers and law firms throughout the country, and we have the tools, knowledge and resources to help your firm achieve greater online marketing success.

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Kayleigh, in her own words.

Marketing is essential in the legal industry. A firm’s marketing should outline its purpose and goals and should emphasize each practice area it specializes in. Law firm marketing is actionable and measurable to the success of the firm because the majority of consumers find their legal help through the internet.


At FindLaw, we understand the business of law. Over 18,500 law firms trust us and use us today.

FindLaw’s high-traffic Legal Directory gets over 10,000,000 hits per month. We are the industry leader in legal knowledge and law firm marketing.


Central Oklahoma Integrated Lawyer Online Marketing

The markets in Central Oklahoma are a diverse mixture of larger metro areas, medium-sized towns, and rural communities. Oklahoma City has a population of over million, making it one of the top 50 most populated metro areas in the country. There are numerous legal practices here, many of whom spend a lot of money on attorney advertising. Because of the high competition in OKC, lawyers will need to get themselves in front of legal consumers as much as possible to be successful. Towns like Norman, which has a population of over 100,000, are still competitive, especially within common practice areas like personal injury and family law. In rural communities, there are unique dynamics, and a more specialized solution may be needed.

FindLaw’s best-in-the-industry integrated legal marketing solutions give legal professionals in Central Oklahoma the tools they need to rise above their competition. Our award-winning law firm websites come with a premium design that showcases your unique strengths within the local marketplace. Our mobile legal web designs are responsive and easily viewable on all devices. Our highly-searched attorney directories provide a nearly endless source of targeted leads who are looking for the legal solutions you provide. Our advanced lawyer blogging and social media promotion strategies allow you to deliver a steady flow of quality content to your target audience – positioning you as a local expert in your area of the law. These and other cutting-edge solutions are flexible, customizable, and work in sync to help achieve your goals and maximize return on your marketing dollars.

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