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The digital landscape is changing rapidly. Online consumers are more mobile and social, and they seek a more personalized experience.
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In today’s internet, a professional website is no longer enough. Your website is still important, but it is one piece of an increasingly complex puzzle. To be successful online, you need a multi-pronged approach that puts you in more places and allows you to capture a larger share of local legal consumers. And that’s where FindLaw’s expertise can make all the difference.

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Zach Chasin

Nassau County Law Firm Marketing Expert

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My name is Zach Chasin and I’m your FindLaw lawyer marketing specialist for Nassau County and communities throughout Long Island New York. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Emory University in Atlanta, and I have worked in online marketing my entire career. My first job was with a NYC-based internet startup, where I provided performance-based digital marketing solutions to local businesses (including lawyers) throughout the U.S. From there, I held positions where I developed, sold, and managed digital marketing solutions for multi-national corporations. My clients appreciate working with me because I take the time to get to know them and understand who they are as a person and what they are trying to accomplish professionally. Once I understand my client’s vision and values, I can effectively develop a marketing plan that achieves their goals. I am easy-going and open-minded and since I’ve been doing digital marketing my entire career, I have the ability to make sense of things very quickly. I was also born and raised in Nassau County and I have in-depth knowledge of the local markets here and what drives legal consumers to take action. If you are looking for a partner who specializes in digital marketing and will work tirelessly to ensure your success, contact me to schedule a free consultation.

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FindLaw has local specialists in Nassau County working daily within the Long Island legal markets. We have our fingers on the pulse of what is happening in the local communities here, and we know what works and what doesn’t (from a marketing perspective) to drive optimal results. Our specialists not only know the local area, we also know internet marketing and general, and how to effectively utilize FindLaw’s vast suite of market-leading integrated legal web development tools to put attorneys in a position to grow and flourish. At FindLaw, we have a long history and established track record of success within the legal industry. And this is a major reason nearly 20,000 lawyers and law firms throughout the nation have partnered with us to help enhance their visibility and grow their practice.

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Zach, in his own words.

Success motivates me – not just monetary success, but emotional success as well. I consider myself a partner to my client’s business, so their success is my success.


Consumers are turning to the internet in growing numbers to find answers to their legal needs. Just like WebMD made everyone turn to the web for medical advice, it’s the same in the legal industry. FindLaw has the world’s largest online legal portal, and millions of consumers visit each month to get their legal concerns addressed. In many cases, however, they still need an attorney to make sure their needs are addressed legally, thoroughly and effectively.


FindLaw works exclusively with attorneys, and we deliver industry-leading legal marketing solutions. Being under the Thomson Reuters umbrella, we have the resources, data and expertise to deliver exceptional results to lawyers and law firms of all types and sizes.  

Integrated Digital Marketing for Law Firms on Long Island

The legal markets in Nassau County and the rest of Long Island NY are affluent and highly competitive. There are countless firms here who spend a small fortune on lawyer advertising and there are firms from other parts of the NYC metro area who are marketing in this area as well. This means that essentially, you are competing with attorneys from the entire tri-state area. To stand out from the crowd, you need extensive knowledge of the local landscape, and the ability to adopt an aggressive yet creative marketing strategy.

FindLaw’s best-in-the-industry integrated attorney marketing programs deliver the tools and expertise necessary to effectively compete in even the most challenging markets. Our award-winning law firm websites (FirmSites) come with a premium design and quality content developed by legal experts. Our mobile FirmSites are responsive and easily viewable on all devices. Our highly-searched law firm directories provide a steady flow of content to your target audience – positioning you as a thought leader in your area of expertise. Our professional attorney videos allow you to speak directly to qualified prospects, so they can get to know you personally.

These and numerous other cutting-edge programs are integrated to fit the specific needs of your practice. After a thorough assessment of your firm, local markets, ideal cases/caseload, advertising budget and marketing goals, we create a specialized program designed to achieve your goals and maximize return on your marketing dollars.

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