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No two law practices are exactly alike, but every attorney needs new clients. Fortunately, our marketing experts know more about reaching legal consumers. We customize our services to address your business goals and the unique needs of your next clients.
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Sheila Amiry

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My name is Sheila Amiry and I’m your FindLaw marketing specialist. I have now found my way to law firm marketing and am pleased with the great fit. Like lawyers, I have a passion for helping people. I’ve been lucky to be part of clients’ teams facilitating digital marketing solutions to maximize their potential, and I do that by approaching our partnership as more consultative than transactional. I’d like to take the time to hear about your law firm goals and have a conversation about the online legal marketing strategies that are going to be most beneficial for getting you the results you’re looking for. Contact me to schedule a free consultation.

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5 Things you Need to Know About Your Next Potential Client

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Navigate the changing legal landscape with proven marketing services.

Everyone is more connected every day — including legal consumers. They’re swiping and clicking through online resources the way they used to flip phone book pages. That’s why it’s essential for your firm to stand out in today’s digital landscape.

FindLaw creates legal marketing solutions that will meet your marketing goals. All of our services are backed with ongoing account support so you can be confident your entire legal marketing program will keep performing over time.

Lawyer Marketing Insights

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Sheila , in her own words.

FindLaw is the premier marketing partner for attorneys. And one of the most influential reasons is because we ONLY work with attorneys. We’re not trying to understand different markets and create a one-size-fits-all online marketing strategy.

Instead, we make it our mission to understand both your business and your clients. From there, we construct the best digital marketing strategy possible that is unique to your firm. Then we make those strategies trackable by providing you with the hard data on your investment to show you exactly how you’re doing against your goal objectives. It’s this transparency with customers that really sets FindLaw apart.

Integrated Lawyer Marketing

Setting and achieving goals is an integral part of both life and business. At FindLaw, we’ve found that the most effective law firm online marketing tools are the ones you use in combination with one another. That way, you’re not putting all your proverbial eggs in one basket. With an integrated approach combining tactics such as pay per click for attorneys, law firm social media and a mobile-optimized website, we truly believe you can achieve your business growth goals.

Need a good place to start? Begin your online legal marketing strategy with the best legal directory advertising out there. Along with, you can connect your firm to legal consumers via the broader network such as Super Lawyers, LawInfo and Abogados Spanish-language directory. In contrast to general directories like online phone books, the FindLaw legal directory targets consumers who are actively looking for an attorney, which makes it exactly the place your firm wants to be.

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