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Taylor Leis

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I’m Taylor Leis. In almost two decades of working with attorneys, I’ve found my favorite thing is when a client tells me he or she had his or her best year ever—and that my help was part of that. Before a client and I can get to that point, though, we have to get to know each other. I pride myself on being the consultant and business partner my clients need. We achieve success together when I fully understand what my client’s business goals are. That’s when I can reach across FindLaw’s suite of innovative, impactful products and come up with a bespoke solution that delivers results and stays within the boundaries of my clients’ budget. I’ve come to know lawyers and law firms by giving CLEs and other presentations across Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Iowa and central and southern Illinois. I understand equally the competitive markets of big cities like Indianapolis, Detroit and Des Moines as I do smaller ones like Fort Wayne, Grand Rapids and Evansville. Furthermore, my wife and I run a small real estate business ourselves, so I am well familiar with the pressures and demands small business owners face. If there’s one thing I could let my clients know, it’s that an online presence is no longer optional. A multi-faceted Internet presence that makes use of the right digital legal marketing tools is an absolute must.

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Everyone is more connected every day — including legal consumers. They’re swiping and clicking through online resources the way they used to flip phone book pages. That’s why it’s essential for your firm to stand out in today’s digital landscape.

FindLaw creates legal marketing solutions that will meet your marketing goals. All of our services are backed with ongoing account support so you can be confident your entire legal marketing program will keep performing over time.

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