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The modern digital landscape is continually evolving. In today’s internet, a website alone is no longer enough to stay competitive.
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It is becoming more difficult to compete in the online marketplace. Gone are the days when you could build a professional website, rank it in the major search engines, and attract targeted leads. Legal SEO is still an important strategy, but it is one piece of an increasingly complex puzzle. A growing number of online consumers are bypassing search engines altogether and finding legal services in other ways. To reach these consumers, you need an integrated strategy that meets them where they are and leads them through your office doors. That’s where FindLaw’s expertise can make all the difference.

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95% of your potentially "new" and “referred” clients' first impression of you, your partners, or your law firm will be from a digital source. This first impression will be based off of your firm's visual online presence. Does your website truly articulate you, your partners, or your firm’s reputation you worked so hard to build? Super Lawyers and Findlaw are at the forefront of creating digital strategies, tools, attorney education, and metrics to jump-start an enterprise transformation from a status quo-led growth strategy to one where the innovation is digitally and socially inspired for all law firms throughout Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, St. Augustine, Savannah, SE Georgia, and the Florida Panhandle. Call me for a Free Consultation and Audit of your law firm’s digital footprint.

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FindLaw not only has vast resources and top attorney marketing solutions, we also have experts on the ground in the Florida Panhandle region working daily within the local markets here. We know the ins and outs of what is happening in the local communities, and we know what marketing methods are most effective to drive area legal consumers to take action. Our experts also live in the area, and they are able to provide personalized support for each client we serve. We conduct regular in-person meetings (as your schedule allows) to review the progress of your marketing campaign, and we are always available to call or email whenever you have questions or concerns. With nearly 20,000 satisfied clients nationwide, FindLaw has a strong track record of delivering exceptional results for lawyers and law firms of all sizes.

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Internet Marketing is a theory not a science and marketing a law firm on the internet is light years apart from marketing a restaurant or spots store. If you have had one bad experience after another trying to attract clients from the internet, managing your reputation from “false” reviews or just finding someone who can create a web presence that matches your firms competencies, you should speak to a company whose entire expertise is “Legal Internet Marketing”. We work with over 20,000 law firms nationwide and are the most trusted name in Legal Marketing.


I love watching a law firm grow! The best compliments are attorneys calling me to tell me how much FindLaw has changed their practice for the better. I had someone call me and tell me because of FindLaw, he went from renting an office from his college roommate’s dad to buying his own building. Being able to solve problems and truly partner with law firms as an equal (not a “Sales Person”) and helping them grow is what drives me. If my clients are working on a Sunday, then I’m working on a Sunday.


Building thousands of legal websites over the past 20+ years, FindLaw does not build websites for bowling alleys or doctor’s office — we build integrated legal marketing strategies for Law Firms! We focus on conversion and return on our clients’ invested dollars, not search results or any other metric. We know and understand the legal business, and we know what it takes to make attorneys and law practices successful.


FindLaw has built thousands of legal websites over the past 20+ years. We don’t build websites for bowling alleys or doctor’s offices — we build integrated legal marketing strategies for Law Firms! We focus on conversion and return on our clients’ invested dollars, not search results or any other metric. We know and understand the legal business, and we know what it takes to make attorneys and law practices successful.


I am happy to schedule time with any law firm no matter the size to discuss how we are helping over 20,000 law firms nationwide.


Integrated Law Firm Marketing Solutions in Jacksonville and the Florida Panhandle

Understanding the local legal markets is critical for law firms that want to be successful online. Here in the Florida Panhandle, each area is unique. For example, Jacksonville is a growing area with a lot of young professionals. In this area, law firms are expected to have a strong online presence.

FindLaw has the integrated tools and expertise necessary to create successful campaigns for legal professionals across the Florida Panhandle. After a full assessment of your unique needs, our local experts develop customized solutions designed to attract more profitable cases to your firm. From our professional attorney websites to our responsive mobile web designs to our Legal Directory placements to our advanced web traffic conversion strategies to countless other industry-leading solutions, FindLaw delivers a holistic legal marketing program that positions law firms to grow and flourish online.

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