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Today, there are numerous virtual “front doors” to your office, and a professional law firm website is no longer enough.
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The web is more complex than ever, and new pathways are continually opening up from which consumers search for legal services online. Online marketing has changed dramatically since the early days of the internet. A premium attorney website is still an important part of your digital presence, but if your website is not visible, it doesn’t do you much good. To position your firm for success, you need an integrated strategy that effectively capitalizes on all the opportunities to reach your target audience. But how do you find the time to do that, and where do you even start? That’s where FindLaw’s expertise can help.

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Jimmy Murillo

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My name is Jimmy Murillo and I’m your FindLaw internet marketing strategist serving legal professionals in Inland Empire, Palm Springs and surrounding Southern California communities. Before I joined FindLaw, I owned and operated my own business. As a previous business owner, I understand the challenges law firms face trying to grow clientele, watch the budget and practice law all at the same time. Most importantly, I know the local markets in Orange County. I have helped numerous legal professionals achieve success online, and I can do the same for you. If you are ready to grow your firm, contact me to schedule a free marketing consultation.

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FindLaw has local experts who know the Southern California markets in-depth. Our experts live in the area, and they provide the personalized service our clients deserve. They continually monitor the markets here, and they have real-time knowledge of what is working to help our clients bring in more business. In addition to being local specialists, our experts also know online marketing in-depth, and they work closely with FindLaw’s market-leading integrated web development tools to give legal professionals a competitive advantage online. At FindLaw, we work exclusively with attorneys, and we have partnered with lawyers and law firms nationwide to help their firms achieve internet marketing success.

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Integrated Attorney Marketing Programs in Inland Empire and Southern California

The counties in Southern California are very large in size with a diverse population. Though some areas like Los Angeles County are densely populated, others are very spread out. The challenge in the densely populated areas is there are lots of attorneys, and you need a more aggressive and innovative strategy to stand out. With some of the outlying areas, how do you reach your prospects?.

FindLaw’s local specialists understand the challenges lawyers and law firms in Southern California face. We tailor our integrated legal web marketing programs around the needs of each client we serve, so you are able to compete effectively in any market, and you receive contacts from prospective clients that will be worthwhile and profitable. FindLaw understands the legal industry and what it takes to make legal professionals successful.

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