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The digital landscape is becoming more complex with each passing year, and consumers are now more mobile and social than ever before.
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In today’s online environment, it is no longer enough to put up a professional website and try to rank it in the search engines. These are still important strategies, but you need a multi-faceted approach that makes you omnipresent and puts you in more places your target market is likely to be. But how do attorneys find time to adopt this type of approach? And where do you even start? That’s where FindLaw comes in.

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Luke Oostindie

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I’m Luke Oostindie, and most of what you need to know about me can be summed up in a simple phrase: Your success is my success. I’ve worked in this field for 15 years now. I’ve found you won’t last long unless you build long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with your clients. My clients appreciate that I invest time in understanding their vision and values, as well as their personal and professional goals. That’s the bedrock on which long-lasting, productive relationships are based. At FindLaw, I live out my philosophy by finding out what really matters to law firms in the Grand Rapids metro and Michigan’s Lower Peninsula region. That way, I can effectively develop a unique digital marketing strategy. Specifically, I want to help my firm clients improve their brands, become more visible online to the clients they want, and increase their return on investment.

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At FindLaw, we have specialists who work online within the local markets in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and throughout Western Michigan. We have in-depth knowledge of what marketing methods work best to drive more (and better) cases to firms in the area. We also understand internet marketing in general, and how to effectively utilize FindLaw’s comprehensive suite of industry-best integrated marketing solutions to help legal professionals grow and prosper. We work exclusively in the legal space, and we monitor all the latest online trends, so we are always on top of important changes that impact the industry. This allows us to make real-time adjustments when needed to keep our campaigns continually optimized. FindLaw has helped tens of thousands of attorneys and legal practices achieve their web marketing goals, and we can do the same for your firm.

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Integrated Law Firm Marketing Strategies for Western Michigan

The Western part of Michigan is mostly rural, with a few larger cities such as Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo. In the bigger towns, the competition is heavy, especially within common practice areas such as personal injury and family law. In the rural markets, there is competition from lawyers in the larger cities who are looking to expand, and you need to be hyper-focused on building a strong local presence to effectively compete.

FindLaw brings 20+ years of exclusive focus on legal web marketing to help Western Michigan attorneys become more successful online. Our cutting-edge integrated lawyer marketing programs provide all the tools necessary to build a customized solution that is flexible and adaptable to the needs of each client we serve. Premium law firm websites (FirmSites), responsive mobile FirmSites, attorney blogs, social media and pay per click (PPC), lawyer SEO, law firm web videos, and countless others form a powerful combination that positions you to vastly expand your clientele and more quickly grow your practice.

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