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Digital marketing is changing rapidly. Today’s internet is becoming increasingly complex, and you need more than just a website to compete.
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Your website is still your most important digital asset, but it is just one piece of an ever-expanding puzzle. Online consumers today are connecting in more ways than ever before, and they are also seeking a more personalized experience. More than half of all web users are now connected through tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices; and while online, they are spending a lot more of their time watching YouTube videos and interacting with friends and family on social sites like Facebook. To reach more targeted legal consumers, you need an integrated approach that expands your reach and puts you in more places online and this is where FindLaw’s expertise can help.

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Nick Swenson

Lawyer Marketing Specialist for Montana and Northern California

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My name is Nick Swenson and I’m your FindLaw marketing specialist for Montana and Northern California. I’ve been working in the legal industry for over 10 years and have a strong knowledge of our products, software, and services. What I like about FindLaw is that we bring the multi-pronged approach to ensure qualified leads are directed to you from all sources. Being local has allowed me to be very familiar with the current markets and to recognize that rural clients can have unique needs, and that’s what I’m here to help with. FindLaw has the extensive knowledge and expertise to bring successful results to law firms of all types and sizes. One of the areas where we really stand out from the competition is with our strong local presence.

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One of the distinguishing factors that helps separate FindLaw from other companies in the online marketing arena is our regional focus. We have experts who work daily within the rural Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas markets online. They understand the ins and outs of these areas, and what marketing methods local web users are most responsive to. In addition, they continually monitor online trends, and can make real-time adjustments to keep your digital marketing campaign on track. Our experts are not only regional online specialists, they also have in-depth knowledge of internet marketing in general, and how to effectively utilize FindLaw’s vast suite of best-in-the-industry lawyer marketing programs. FindLaw has helped tens of thousands of legal professionals achieve their digital marketing goals. We work exclusively with attorneys, and we have the resources and expertise to help you soar above your competition.

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Nick, in his own words.

What drives me is helping my clients attain marketing success (ROI) and helping them find more and better clients. I want the best marketing campaign that can help each one of my clients individually. No firm is the same, and they all have specific needs that we need to address.

It really comes down to what do they need and how we can help them grow their business? I am passionate about helping firms build their business and helping them find clients that fit what they specialize in.

Specialized Integrated Lawyer Marketing Plans for Rural Firms

While the legal industry is highly competitive and needs to be treated as such, my process is a bit different from others in the digital marketing space. The reason being is I’m not trying to sell you something; I’m trying to learn everything about your firm and get a concise understanding of your future goals to help determine if FindLaw’s products and services would be a good match. If you’re looking for a long-term partner who is committed to helping your practice grow and prosper, contact me for a free consultation.

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