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Digital marketing is changing rapidly. Today’s internet is becoming increasingly complex, and you need more than just a website to compete.
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Your website is still your most important digital asset, but it is just one piece of an ever-expanding puzzle. Online consumers today are connecting in more ways than ever before, and they are also seeking a more personalized experience. More than half of all web users are now connected through tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices; and while online, they are spending a lot more of their time watching YouTube videos and interacting with friends and family on social sites like Facebook. To reach more targeted legal consumers, you need an integrated approach that expands your reach and puts you in more places online and this is where FindLaw’s expertise can help.

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Trevor Johnston

Lawyer Marketing Specialist for Rural MT, OR, CA, NV

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My name is Trevor Johnston and I’m your FindLaw internet marketing specialist for the rural markets of MT, OR, CA, NV. The success that we are able to bring to attorneys is what drives me. I love working with legal professionals and helping them become more successful and driving more business to their firm. Online marketing is an ever-growing business, and many attorneys aren't sure where to start. I provide confidence and assurance by putting together a plan that stays within your budget and builds your online presence. If you are looking for a partner who is committed to your success, contact me for a free consultation.

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One of the distinguishing factors that helps separate FindLaw from other companies in the online marketing arena is our regional focus. We have experts who work daily within the rural Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas markets online. They understand the ins and outs of these areas, and what marketing methods local web users are most responsive to. In addition, they continually monitor online trends, and can make real-time adjustments to keep your digital marketing campaign on track. Our experts are not only regional online specialists, they also have in-depth knowledge of internet marketing in general, and how to effectively utilize FindLaw’s vast suite of best-in-the-industry lawyer marketing programs. FindLaw has helped tens of thousands of legal professionals achieve their digital marketing goals. We work exclusively with attorneys, and we have the resources and expertise to help you soar above your competition.

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Specialized Integrated Lawyer Marketing Plans for Rural Firms

Rural communities are unique and close-knit. No two areas are exactly alike, and there is never a “one size fits all” solution for every firm. The rural markets in Montana, Nevada, California and Oregon are no different. To compete here, you need a customized strategy that takes into account the uniqueness of the firm and area, so you can produce maximum return on your marketing dollars.

FindLaw’s market-leading integrated attorney web development tools are flexible and customizable around the needs of the firm to achieve your goals and produce optimal results. Our professional legal websites (FirmSites) come with a premium design and quality content written by legal experts. Our high-traffic legal directories connect you with qualified prospects looking for your services. Our attorney blog and social media promotion platform sends out a steady flow of content to your target audience. And our advanced digital traffic conversion technologies turn more web visitors into paying clients. After a thorough assessment of the specifics of your firm, we integrate just the right combination of these tools to help you gain a strong foothold within your local internet marketplace.

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