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The online landscape has changed dramatically since the early days of the internet. Today, you need more than just a website to compete.
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A professional website is still essential – it is your primary online asset. But the internet is becoming increasingly complex, and there are now numerous potential pathways to your virtual front door. For example, over half of all web connections are made via smartphones or tablets; and once connected, online consumers spend a lot more of their time watching videos and interacting on popular social media platforms such as Facebook. To reach targeted prospects, you need a multi-pronged strategy that makes you omnipresent and able to engage more legal consumers online. And that’s where FindLaw’s expertise can make all the difference.

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My name is Jamie Woodman and I’m your local FindLaw legal marketing expert serving law firms in Albany, Saratoga Springs, Poughkeepsie, Kingston, Troy, Schenectady, and surrounding areas. I graduated cum laude from the University of Albany, and I have worked with small businesses for 13 years. For 7 years, I owned and operated my own financial services business, and for the previous 6 years before joining FindLaw, I provided technology solutions to some of the larger vertical markets in the Albany area, including law firms. As a previous business owner, I can relate to the challenges attorneys go through trying to balance practicing law with running their practice and marketing for new clients. My clients enjoy the fact that I’m very easy to work with. My goal is to satisfy their needs, and I will go the extra mile to ensure that all of their objectives are met. If you are looking for a marketing partner with character and integrity who is committed to helping you bring in more (and better) clients, I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust. Contact me to schedule a free consultation.

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One of the factors that distinguish FindLaw from other internet marketing companies is our local presence. We have experts in Eastern New York that know the ins and outs of the markets in Albany and surrounding areas. We work daily in the local markets here, and we know what marketing strategies are most effective in compelling area legal consumers to contact an attorney. Our experts are not only local specialists, we also have in-depth digital marketing expertise, and know how to effectively utilize FindLaw’s comprehensive suite of industry-leading integrated marketing tools to help law firms grow and flourish. FindLaw is the national leader in web marketing for attorneys. We work exclusively with legal professionals, and we know what it takes to drive positive results for your firm.

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Jamie, in her own words.

My passion is to help others succeed! I think the most amazing thing that I get out of life is to watch others grow from a seed that was planted by another. I would like to be the person that helps cultivate the growth of a law firm through proven, strategic marketing plans. My job is to pay attention to the details of the firm’s needs, to help them attract, engage and connect clients from the first time that they are introduced through internet marketing.


My goal when meeting a client for the first time is to diagnose what challenges they may be having with their current marketing strategies. This stage is what I call a needs analysis. I ask thought provoking questions that would allow my client to determine if there are any areas that need improvement. Before I make any recommendations, I take the time to research the market and develop the best and most efficient marketing strategy for the firm.


I love what FindLaw has to offer our clients. We are the only company that works solely with attorneys, and we have the ability to give the client a proven formula for growth. We are also backed by a team that is constantly studying market trends and coming up with the latest and most effective ways to optimize results, as well as a team of engineers and designers that study how to attract a client on the first visit to a webpage. Finally, we have an inside and outside sales team that work in conjunction with one another to provide our clients that extra special personal touch. 


The magnitude and size of FindLaw, backed by Thomson Reuters, speaks for itself. We have a proven system with trackable results, and this is what makes us the industry leader in lawyer web marketing.

Integrated Lawyer Web Marketing in Albany and Upstate New York

In Upstate and Eastern New York, there are a lot of rural areas along with some small and medium sized towns like Saratoga Springs and Albany. The legal markets are competitive, particularly in common practice areas like personal injury and family law. In the rural markets, attorneys tend to have more specific needs which require a more customized marketing approach. To be competitive in this area, you need to understand the local market dynamics and be able to identify hidden opportunities others may be missing.

FindLaw has served the Upstate and Eastern New York legal markets for decades. We have refined our industry-leading integrated solutions to fully optimize our campaigns toward achieving maximum ROI. We deliver award-winning law firm websites, mobile legal web designs, online attorney videos, cutting-edge blog and social media engagement strategies, lawyer directory advertising, and much more. Our solutions are flexible and adaptable to fit the needs of your firm, so you can receive a marketing campaign designed to achieve your goals, stay within your budget and help expand your clientele.

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