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Today’s internet marketplace is rapidly evolving and becoming more complex. This is why a website alone is not enough to stay competitive.
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A professional website is still essential as it is your primary online asset but consumers now have numerous potential pathways to your virtual front door. For example, more than half of all internet connections are made through a mobile device so your website needs to be aesthetically pleasing on all devices. A growing number of internet users are also connecting directly to their favorite sites and bypassing traditional search engines altogether. To compete online today, you need a multi-faceted approach that makes you omnipresent and able to reach more of your target market. How does an attorney find time to create an innovated marketing strategy? That’s where FindLaw can help.

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Brandon Kahan

Los Angeles Law Firm Marketing Expert

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My name is Brandon Kahan and I’m your local FindLaw specialist for Downtown Los Angeles. I have been in sales and marketing for over 12 years, and I started with FindLaw in June of 2010. I have worked in the Los Angeles area for several years, and I have an in-depth understanding of the local communities here, and what it takes to succeed within the highly competitive LA market. I work tirelessly for my clients, and I do all I can to ensure they realize exceptional value and optimal return on investment through their FindLaw campaigns. If you are looking to partner with someone who understands the local LA landscape and can help build a winning online marketing strategy, contact me for a free consultation.

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At FindLaw, we have experts in Downtown Los Angeles that are local in the market you want to target. They have their fingers on the pulse of what is happening in the local communities, and they know what marketing methods are most effective to help area firms draw in more profitable cases. Our experts are not only local specialists, they are also online marketing specialists who know how to effectively utilize FindLaw’s industry-best integrated law firm marketing tools to help achieve your goals and maximize ROI. FindLaw is focused exclusively on web marketing for attorneys, and we have the tools, expertise and track record to help legal professionals of all types and sizes achieve greater online marketing success.

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Lisa L Maki – Law Offices of Lisa L Maki

“If it were not enough to have my FindLaw website win the Webbie award the first year out, Brandon has guided me through the complicated and every changing world of internet marketing, placing me higher than an in house group of experts have, at a fraction of the cost and with no hassle. He is always there to answer my questions and work with me and the FindLaw team to give my firm visibility and marketability. Thank you Brandon!”


Michael Oran – Law Offices of Michael Oran

“Before meeting with Brandon, my previous forays into marketing had been negative experiences. I was paying money with no results. Many of us have been there. Thus, I was reluctant when Brandon initially approached me. He explained how my experience with Findlaw and him would be different. He was persuasive without “selling it”. I shared with him my vision for an on-line presence. He advised that some aspects of the content that I would not agree to include were actually solid marketing tools. I told him “it did not matter, the webpage has to be me”. I give him credit for not walking out. Instead he was patient, respectful and understood the reasons why I did not want to include certain content.

It has been over 2 years since our meeting. His guidance and willingness to incorporate my philosophy has increased the number of potential client calls to my office. In fact, approximately 50% of my current cases are as a result of my on-line presence. It is more than paying for itself.

For these reasons, I trust and recommend Brandon. His knowledge of what does and does not work, along with a collaborative approach, should help you establish or improve your on-line presence.”


Todd Friedman – Law Offices of Todd Friedman

“I took a chance on Brandon. He literally transformed by business and marketing model. My law firm has a very bright future due mostly in part to his efforts. Not only did he develop and brand my firm in the best way possible, his customer service and attention to detail are supurb. Any law firm looking to increase its business would be crazy not to utilize Brandon and his talents.”


Brandon, in his own words.

Nothing excites me more than hearing stories from my clients about the growth of their practice that is directly tied to the leads that our integrated services are delivering. I also take a lot of pride in helping my clients create a strong internet brand; today’s consumer is more sophisticated than ever and they expect to hire an attorney who has glowing client reviews, a professional website and strong 3rd party validation. I tell my clients, if you aren’t creating your brand, the internet will create it for you.  


With several decades of experience marketing and branding attorneys, there is simply no other company more qualified to handle attorneys’ digital business development needs. We create integrated strategies for our clients based on data and analytics, not guesswork.

Downtown Los Angeles Integrated Lawyer Marketing

Success in today’s Los Angeles legal market requires a firm to effectively promote who it is and why they are the right choice. Quite simply, those who do this well grow, while those who don’t are more likely to struggle. To effectively promote your firm in LA County, you need extensive knowledge of the local markets, and what marketing methods are most likely to drive legal consumers in this area to take action.

FindLaw’s comprehensive suite of top integrated law firm marketing programs provides the tools Los Angeles legal professionals need to compete successfully. Our local specialists thoroughly analyze the specifics of your firm and the markets you want to compete in. Next, they develop a customized solution that fully addresses your needs, stays within your budget, and positions you for optimal results from your online marketing efforts.

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