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Online consumer behavior is becoming increasingly complex. Today, a website alone is not enough to draw in targeted prospects.
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More than half of all internet connections are now made through a mobile device, and web users are spending a lot more of their time watching videos and interacting on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. A growing number of consumers are bypassing traditional search engines altogether and finding legal services in other ways. To reach targeted prospects in today’s internet marketplace, you need a strategy that engages consumers where they are, and leads them to your door. That’s where FindLaw comes in.

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Benjamin Rifkin

Denver Law Firm Marketing Expert

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My name is Benjamin Rifkin and I’m your local FindLaw legal marketing specialist for the Denver metro. I joined FindLaw in November of 2011, since that time I’ve partnered with countless legal professionals to help deliver better online marketing results. I know the local markets here in-depth. This allows me to develop customized integrated legal web marketing plans designed to address your needs and maximize ROI. Clients appreciate working with me because they are able to meet with me in person rather than just speaking by phone or email. My clients also receive the in-depth expertise of someone who can help guide them to meet their goals. If you are looking to take your digital marketing plan to the next level, contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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FindLaw maintains a local presence that is highly unique for a large internet marketing company. We have experts in the Denver region that live in the area and are in touch with all the latest developments. They know what marketing strategies work best to deliver optimal results, and they have the ability to make real-time adjustments when necessary to keep your campaign on target toward reaching your goals. Our experts are also digital marketing specialists with in-depth knowledge of FindLaw’s market-leading integrated attorney web development programs. They utilize these programs to help area law firms build their online presence and grow their practice. With tens of thousands of satisfied clients throughout the country, FindLaw has the tools lawyers and law firms need to become more successful online.

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The Litigation Boutique

“FindLaw has been great to deal with since beginning. I started with a Super Lawyers profile and now they handle my website, SEO and blog.  My internet presence through FindLaw has resulted in a steady stream of new clients to my firm.  I would recommend FindLaw to any law firm looking to grow their practice!”


Jody Alderman Harper – Alderman Bernstein

“Alderman Bernstein has had many lucrative clients come from our website, particularly out-of-state clients. For example, we recently had clients from out-of-state who owned property in Colorado and were in need of an attorney for a real estate litigation matter. They came to us directly from the website and we billed approximately $45,000 in fees on that case in one year. That’s one example of approximately 10 clients we’ve had over our firm’s 3 year existence who came to us solely from the website. The website has been the best investment we’ve made in starting up our own small firm and getting it off the ground quickly.”


J.J. (Jim) Vick, Attorney at Law

“FindLaw is the new “yellow pages”. I was skeptical of FindLaw at first but am pleased with the results-more client inquiries in my specialty area of practice. I’m more accessible to people looking for an attorney.”


Benjamin in his own words.

What drives me is conversion and success. Law firm marketing is constantly changing and as the internet grows, so do we in terms of giving clients the opportunity to meet their goals. Our integrated products and services help them get in front of more potential clients, and this is extremely rewarding. 


I’m a fan of the overall FindLaw integrated solution.  As the internet so rapidly changes, we have the ability to help clients invest into our solution and help them diversify their investment through multiple channels. This allows a client to be in as many points of visibility as possible. 


FindLaw has a comprehensive suite of integrated solutions available to clients. Others can build a website, but we deliver the total solution under one umbrella. Not only do we build, but we support and maintain our solutions to help consistently deliver exceptional results. 


Integrated Law Firm Marketing for Denver

The Denver metro area is one of the largest in the country, and the legal markets here are highly competitive. There are countless legal professionals in this area that spend significant amounts of money on lawyer advertising. Competing in these regions requires you to know the local market dynamics and to be able to adopt an innovative strategy that uncovers hidden growth opportunities others are missing.

FindLaw’s integrated attorney web marketing programs are designed to deliver optimal results for lawyers and legal practices in Eastern Colorado. Our award-winning law firm websites come with a premium design and quality content developed by legal experts. Responsive lawyer web designs allow you to connect with more targeted mobile consumers while our high-traffic legal directories are an abundant source of leads that are seeking immediate legal help. Our advanced client development programs help convert a larger number of website visitors into paying customers. Working synergistically, FindLaw’s industry-best integrated solutions position law firms to survive and thrive – even in highly challenging markets.

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