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With the ever-changing landscape of internet marketing, an integrated strategy is required to fully capitalize on these opportunities. In today’s complex digital marketplace, a website alone is no longer sufficient. It is still important for law firms to have a professional attorney website, but that’s only the beginning. Today, more than half of all internet connections are made via tablets and smart phones, and consumers spend an increasing amount of time interacting on social media platforms. To reach targeted consumers, you need a multi-pronged strategy that helps your potential clients find you and then leads them through your virtual office doors. But how can attorneys and law firms capitalize on all the opportunities in today’s digital world? That’s where FindLaw comes in.

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Josh Kearns

Dallas Lawyer Marketing Consultant

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I’m Josh Kearns. As a fourth-generation Dallas native, I’m proud to help solo attorneys and small law firms in and around the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. It means a lot to me that I get to play a part in supporting this community’s legal industry. After earning a degree in public relations, I worked at several media and digital marketing companies. Those roles helped me understand forms of marketing and why they work — or don’t work — for different types of small businesses. I wanted to work for FindLaw for two reasons. First, its tools and products are the industry’s gold standard. Second, FindLaw’s approach to my role gives me the freedom to work with clients the way I know is most successful. I’m given support to take the time to find out what a client’s needs and goals are and develop a productive and long-lasting relationship. That’s meaningful to me because I know from experience that’s what works. I take pride in extending quality customer service, and it’s meaningful to me when my clients trust me enough to share their hopes and goals.

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FindLaw has internet marketing specialists who are local to the Dallas area and work in the markets here every day. Our specialists have their fingers on the pulse of what is happening within the local communities here, and what marketing methods are most effective to reach more targeted legal consumers. We have helped thousands of law firms grow their practice through our legal marketing solutions. Legal marketing is all we do and we have the expertise necessary for you to thrive in your local online marketplace.

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Dallas Integrated Lawyer Marketing

The Dallas and the surrounding communities are diverse with heavy competition in the legal markets. For this reason, it is important that your law firm marketing strategy is innovative and targeted.

FindLaw employs its comprehensive suite of industry-leading integrated attorney marketing tools to help attorneys and law firms develop the solution that is just right for them. We integrate our award winning lawyer websites (FirmSites) with attractive mobile web designs, and we exponentially increase online consumer pathways to your website through the use of lawyer blogs, social media promotion, placement in our high traffic legal directory, and several other cutting edge strategies. After a thorough analysis of your unique needs, we tailor a plan that utilizes the right tools to help your firm flourish online.

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