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Today, a website is no longer sufficient to compete effectively online.
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It’s the nature of the modern digital age; technology is continually evolving and the internet is becoming increasingly complex. A professional attorney website is still important, but today, there are numerous other potential pathways to your virtual office doors. For example, more than half of all internet connections are now made through a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. In addition, more and more online consumers are bypassing traditional search engines and looking for legal services in other ways. To address this shift in online consumer behavior, you need a multi-pronged strategy to effectively reach your target audience. But how do legal professionals create this kind of strategy? And where do you even start? That’s where FindLaw comes in.

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Brian William Dennie

Columbus Lawyer Marketing

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My name is Brian Dennie and I’m your FindLaw client development specialist for Columbus Ohio and surrounding Ohio communities, as well as parts of Northern Kentucky. I’m a technology fanatic and online junkie, and I develop customized integrated web marketing strategies that give my clients the best potential performance and ROI. I am deeply rooted in the Central Ohio markets; I went to school here, and I have represented FindLaw in this area since 2010. I understand the inner workings and the competitive nature of the markets here, and I put my extensive expertise to work to position my clients for greater online success. If you are looking for an active partner that is committed to helping your firm grow and prosper, contact me to schedule a free consultation.

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FindLaw has local strategists serving the Columbus Ohio, Central Ohio, and Northern Kentucky markets. They provide personalized service to our clients, with in-person meetings on a regular basis to discuss the progress of your marketing campaign. Our strategists are online marketing experts that have in-depth knowledge of the local markets, and how to effectively utilize FindLaw’s industry-best integrated attorney marketing tools to expand your clientele and grow your practice. At FindLaw, we are exclusively focused on web marketing for lawyers, and we have partnered with nearly 20,000 legal professionals throughout the nation to help meet their needs and maximize ROI.

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Brian, in his own words.

I always do best by my client…I believe in making the best decisions for my clients to succeed, regardless of what it does for me.

I absolutely love the social media marketing that FindLaw does. I have seen amazing results for most of my clients participating in it, and it’s allowing them to connect to people in a whole new way because of how we can target potential clients through this platform. Combined with other cutting-edge integrated solutions, social media can produce powerful results for area law firms.

FindLaw’s long history of being the market leader in this space allows my clients to benefit from all the knowledge and data that we have compiled over two+ decades of legal marketing; in which we know what has worked and what hasn’t over the long haul.  I am able to apply this knowledge to help my clients achieve their goals. 

Integrated Digital Marketing Plans for Attorneys in Columbus and Central Ohio

Columbus is a highly competitive legal market, and law firms here spend a lot on lawyer advertising. The smaller markets are still fairly competitive, and attorneys in rural areas often have more unique needs.

FindLaw’s vast suite of integrated attorney web marketing programs delivers results for attorneys and law practices throughout Central Ohio and Northern Kentucky – regardless of the level of competition they face. For example, we create premium attorney websites that showcase the strengths of the firm, and we drive traffic to their site in numerous ways; such as Legal Directory advertising, social media promotion, attorney blogs, professional lawyer videos, and countless other methods. We also employ cutting-edge online traffic conversion technologies to turn more web visitors into paying clients. With just the right mixture of our market-leading integrated solutions, legal professionals are positioned to rise above their competition and dominate their local marketplace.

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