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Gone are the days when a law firm could throw up a professional website and hope to attract new clients.
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The internet today is nothing like it was in its infancy. Today’s online marketplace is more complex than ever before. Consumers searching for legal services now have numerous potential pathways to your “virtual” office doors. For example, over half of all internet connections are now made using a smartphone or tablet. At a very minimum, your website needs to be responsive for all mobile devices if you want to capture your share of this growing market. For attorneys to compete online in the modern era, they need an integrated strategy that fully addresses the realities within their digital marketplace. And that’s where FindLaw comes in.

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Todd Baehler

Collin County Legal Marketing Specialist

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My name is Todd Baehler and I’m your FindLaw client development specialist for Collin County and North Dallas; including McKinney, Frisco, Plano, and surrounding Texas communities. I have been with FindLaw since July of 2003, and I have partnered with countless local attorneys and law firms to help them achieve online marketing success. My clients understand that I always try to provide integrated solutions that will give them the best ROI, and I always have their best interests at heart. I am VERY easy to access and promptly return calls and emails. I have extensive experience working with law firms at every level developing tailor-made marketing programs to achieve their desired results. If you are ready to enhance your digital presence and grow your clientele, contact me to schedule a free consultation.

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When you invest in a legal marketing solution, you have the right to expect that those you partner with understand what they’re doing. At FindLaw, we have experts on the ground in North Dallas and Collin County TX who have their fingers on the pulse of what is happening in the local markets here. Our experts are local to the area, deliver personalized face-to-face service, and they continually monitor the online marketplace so they have real-time knowledge of what is working (and what is not). Our experts are also web marketing strategists who specialize in creating customized integrated legal marketing solutions for each client we serve. FindLaw is the national leader in internet marketing for law firms. With tens of thousands of satisfied clients, we have the resources, tools and expertise to make your firm successful online.

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Todd, in his own words.

I love making a difference in attorneys’ lives.  Whether it gives them more financial freedom, more time to spend time with family and friends or simply being able to attract more of the ‘right’ type of clients. Law firm marketing is not easy. There is no single solution that is 100% successful all the time. I believe FindLaw’s integrated attorney marketing programs put law firms in a strong position to succeed.

The reason FindLaw works is diversity.  There is no ‘one’ best way to attract potential clients.  You need to be everywhere…We do it all so our attorneys can be attorneys and not marketing wizards.  We have the backing of a multi-billion dollar company (Thomson Reuters) and very talented individuals who work hard to make our clients successful.

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FindLaw’s industry-best integrated law firm marketing solutions are equipped to help attorneys and law practices compete in any market – regardless of the level of competition. For example, our Engagement Builder and Social Pro products are innovative tools that can reach your target audience in a very economical way. Facebook in particular has become a powerful way for law firms to connect with potential clients in this area. Combined with other top integrated solutions, FindLaw’s clients are getting a lot more business and growing their firms at a much faster rate as a result of these products.

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