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Today’s online marketplace requires a multi-faceted approach that addresses the complexities of the evolving digital landscape.
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Internet marketing is constantly changing, and today, a website alone is no longer enough to be competitive. Online consumer behavior is shifting rapidly. For example, the majority of internet connections are now made through mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, and increasingly, consumers are bypassing web browsers and connecting through individual apps. Consumers are also spending more of their time watching YouTube videos and interacting on well-known social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. For law firms to compete, they need an integrated marketing strategy that engages legal consumers where they are. But how do you find time to learn how to set up such a strategy? That’s where FindLaw can help.

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Jerry Del Colliano

Beverly Hills Law Firm Marketing Expert

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My name is Jerry Del Colliano and I’m your FindLaw attorney marketing specialist for Beverly Hills. My clients appreciate working with me because I am trustworthy, effective, and I have in-depth experience with ALL aspects of marketing (both traditional and digital). I also have a thorough understanding of what solutions my clients need to reach their specific goals. If you are looking to take your online marketing efforts to the next level, I can help you develop a winning strategy that fully addresses your needs, stays within your budget, and maximizes ROI. Contact me to schedule a free consultation.

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At FindLaw, we have local experts who live in the Los Angeles area and work in the Beverly Hills and LA County markets every day. They provide personalized service to our clients, and they continually monitor the online marketplace to determine what is working and what is not working. When necessary, they are able to make real-time adjustments (based on the facts on the ground) to ensure your marketing campaign is continually achieving optimal results. Our experts also work closely with FindLaw’s cutting-edge integrated lawyer web marketing tools, and they know how to effectively utilize these tools to put clients in a position to grow and prosper. FindLaw is the national leader in digital marketing for law firms. Attorney marketing is all we do, and we know what it takes to make your firm successful.

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Jerry, in his own words.

I’ve worked in a lot of industries and for a number of different companies. The reason I’m with FindLaw is because we are the industry leader in legal web marketing. FindLaw knows the business of law – from legal consumer insights to holistic, integrated attorney marketing strategies and all points in-between – and FindLaw knows how to deliver consistent results.

Integrated Legal Online Marketing for Beverly Hills and throughout LA County

Los Angeles County is one of the most competitive legal markets in the country. There are lots of attorneys and law firms in virtually every practice area within the communities here, and they spend a lot of money on lawyer advertising. To compete in Beverly Hills and anywhere else in LA County, you need an in-depth understanding of the local markets, and an innovative approach to identify gaps within the market that provide opportunities to rise above the competition.

FindLaw combines industry-leading integrated law firm marketing programs with extensive local expertise to put our clients in a position to compete even in the most challenging markets. Our local specialists thoroughly analyze the specifics of your practice and integrate just the right mix of our cutting-edge tools to achieve your goals and maximize ROI. From our award-winning attorney websites to our online lawyer videos to our advanced web traffic conversion technologies to countless other solutions, FindLaw has the tools and expertise to position our clients to succeed within their local digital marketplace.

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