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The internet is becoming increasingly complex, and today, a website is no longer enough to effectively compete.
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To stand out in today’s digital marketplace, you need a multi-faceted approach that addresses the realities of the market today. Online consumer behavior is rapidly shifting. Today, more than half of all internet connections are made through mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. In addition, internet users are spending a lot more of their time interacting on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. With so many potential pathways to your virtual front doors, attorneys need an integrated strategy that effectively engages their target audience where they are. This is where FindLaw’s expertise can help.  

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My name is Gretchen Boudreaux and I’m your FindLaw client development specialist for Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, and surrounding Louisiana communities as well as Beaumont and Orange, Texas. I have nearly two decades of sales and marketing experience, and I have been with FindLaw since February of 2008. I work closely with Louisiana law firms to develop customized integrated attorney marketing solutions designed to accomplish your goals, represent your firm in a professional manner, and build your clientele. I gain great satisfaction from helping my clients become successful in their local market and area(s) of practice, and I welcome the opportunity to do the same for your firm. Contact me to set up a free marketing consultation.

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FindLaw has local strategists in the Baton Rouge, Lake Charles and Lafayette as well as Beaumont and Orange, Texas that provide personalized service for our clients. Our strategists live in the area, and meet with our clients face-to-face on a regular basis. They are experts on what is happening within the local markets, and they know what is working and what is not working to generate more clients for area legal professionals. Our strategists are also experts in online marketing, and they know how to effectively utilize FindLaw’s comprehensive suite of industry-leading integrated lawyer marketing tools to position you for success. FindLaw has tens of thousands of satisfied clients throughout the nation. Backed by the extensive resources of Thomson Reuters, FindLaw has the tools and expertise to help your firm grow and prosper.

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Dana B Brown – Law Offices of Ossie Brown

“Before I was introduced to FindLaw and their FirmSite product I had no concept of the importance of having an on-line presence for our Law Offices. Ever since my FindLaw rep, Gretchen Boudreaux convinced me to give internet advertising a try, I have been quite pleased. Our firm advertises through many different mediums but the exposure that the web has given us through FindLaw has been nothing short of incredible. We have continued to show an increase in our monthly website traffic and our number of on-line visitors has climbed each month since our website was launched. Gretchen and her team of FindLaw professionals guided me through every step of the developmental and launch process. Considering my prior lack of knowledge of internet advertising, it was crucial for me to experience a seamless transition into this arena. FindLaw made it easy for me to understand what was taking place and they continue to effectively monitor and update my site for me. I am confident in knowing that my website has the freshest content available for our potential clients as well as those who we already represent. I am so happy I chose the internet to promote my firm and I am equally as happy I chose FindLaw to make it happen.”


Victor R Loraso III – Carleton Loraso LLC

“Gretchen is wonderful to work with and I am happy to be considered one of her clients in the truest sense (i.e., not simply a “customer” for a quick sale). And I actually was not a quick sale. Gretchen recognized that despite my apprehension for my already hefty, initial, overhead, costs, I genuinely wanted a quality company to develop my website and begin online marketing. I priced other website vendors and even tried my own hand at web design until I realized that Gretchen was right: I’ll spend more time looking, more time experimenting, and as a result, less time marketing and earning legal fees. FindLaw immediately filled the gap and allowed me to earn fees while professionals handled the web design and marketing. This dovetails nicely into my next component – efficiency.

Efficiency: FindLaw brings with it a host of resources and professionals that are able to quickly tackle the website development, internet marketing, and site content tasks. Like most marketing, and possibly even greater with online marketing, the utility is to have your firm’s information up and running “Now!” FindLaw understands this. Other than Gretchen, FindLaw employs a project coordinator, design coordinator, SEO specialist, and content coordinator who are ready at a moment’s notice to start chipping away on your firm’s project. In a very well-oiled system, a packet is immediately sent to begin prep-work on content, and then followed up by a collaborative conference call with all the team members where you are given their undivided attention. On this same phone call, the content manager inquires about your areas of practice but then digs deeper to develop optimal language to avoid overly canned language Then the SEO specialist chimes in with marketing advice for rapid online recognition. More in a moment. At this point, your firm is well on its way to having a fully functional website. From concept to going live, the process was painless, and well worth the investment.

Search Engine Optimization: Just. Cant. Beat. It. FindLaw must be good friends with Google. Shortly after seeking its service, FindLaw begins working on your name recognition using its “Accelerated Web Presence” feature. Within days, a simple web search magically resulted in marketing material as if your firm had been conducting internet marketing for decades. The keywords are crisp, relevant, and plentiful. If you want to be seen on the Internet and you’re a lawyer, you will get no better exposure than from FindLaw. We can end this section with that prior period.

While I received superior service from each member of the FindLaw team, Gretchen was the glue that held it all together. She knew each and every part of the process as if she had worked in each department for years. She gave insightful comments and assisted with design, content, and style. And her contribution was always in line with my concept. Even after the sale, Gretchen continues to service her customers to make sure they are completely satisfied. If Gretchen ran for president, I’d vote for her. If I were to rate Gretchen and Findlaw on eBay, they would receive: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA+++++++++++ will definitely work with again.”


J Rock Palermo III – Veron Bice Palermo & Wilson LLC

“We started using FindLaw to manage our website in August 2009. At the time we were using a service provider that was adept at website design, but did not have the depth of resources of FindLaw. We were unable to both manage the content and search engine optimization effectively. FindLaw provided a plan to solve these issues and adapt it to the aesthetic qualities we desired in our website.

Since FindLaw began managing our site, we have added many features. One of the first features we added was a Blog. This allowed us to provide timely content and commentary on issues that affect our potential clients. The Blog not only provided an important communication portal, but also improved our website traffic. We recently added video content to our website. We are very pleased with the results. The FindLaw video staff made the experience comfortable and rewarding. Most importantly, the product is exceptionally produced.

Our clients and colleagues frequently compliment us on our website. We will continue to improve it with FindLaw’s guidance. FindLaw has the tools to service all our website requirements and continually offers excellent advice for improvement in the ever changing web development process.

Gretchen Boudreaux, our account representative, provides us with outstanding marketing advice and assists us greatly in communicating an overall strategy with other FindLaw developers.”


Jennifer Treadway Morris – Treadway Morris, LLC

“Gretchen Boudreaux, with FindLaw, is a consummate professional in helping me achieve the law practice growth I desired trough a website and FindLaw listing. Her knowledge of their products, Google, search engines, my practice and marketing in general has been instrumental in my website’s success at generating relevant leads. Since beginning in 2006 with their services, I have gotten calls and e-mails at least twice a month each month. Each additional year my website stays in existence, my website’s placement on Google and other search engines improves. The free annual refresher helps to keep my website relevant and in the top of search results. Additionally, Gretchen’s professional and timely response makes working with FindLaw easy and enjoyable. She also has excellent suggestions for new pages and finds a way to keep my costs down. Gretchen is great to work with and I highly recommend her and FindLaw services.”


Gretchen, in her own words.

I have really GREAT clients. They drive me. I provide them with the information they need to make an informed decision. I’m trustworthy and I’ve been told I make my clients feel comfortable.

FindLaw is the industry leader for a reason and we have a proven track record of success. When deciding on a marketing company to represent your law firm– wouldn’t you want to work with the top in the industry? 

Integrated Attorney Online Marketing in Baton Rouge, LA, Beaumont and Orange, TX


FindLaw’s market-leading integrated legal web development programs provide Louisiana attorneys the solutions they need to dominate their local marketplace. For example, our award-winning legal websites (FirmSites) are custom-designed with unique content written by experts with extensive knowledge of your practice areas. Our cutting-edge blogging and social media tool allows firms to engage prospects in a relaxed setting wherein prospects are more receptive to your message, and our professional attorney videos allow you to speak directly to your target audience so they can get to know you personally. Blending just the right mixture of each program, our clients are in a better position to dominate their local online marketplace.

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