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There is a rapid shift occurring on the web. Internet users are more mobile and social, and a website alone is not enough to stay competitive.
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Today’s digital marketplace is more complex than ever before. Over half of all internet connections are now made via mobile devices, and web users are spending a lot more of their time watching videos and interacting on popular social media platforms. The growing complexity of the internet calls for a multi-pronged strategy that puts you in more places online, so you can capture a larger share of your target market. But how do attorneys find the time to develop this type of strategy? That’s where FindLaw comes in.

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Johnny Craig

Atlanta Law Firm Marketing Expert

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My name is Johnny Craig and I’m your FindLaw client development expert for Atlanta, Fulton County and surrounding East Georgia communities. I specialize in helping law firms gain an authoritative web presence through effective integrated digital marketing strategies. Clients appreciate working with me because I am genuine and care about the success of their firm. I always have my clients’ best interests in mind, and I will never recommend anything that I don't truly believe will work. If you are looking for a trusted advisor and partner who will work tirelessly to help achieve your goals, contact me for a free consultation.

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One of the major distinguishing factors that separate FindLaw from other companies in the legal marketing space is our local presence. We have experts working daily in the Atlanta and East Georgia legal markets; and we have our fingers on the pulse of what is happening locally. We know what marketing methods work best to drive more (and better) cases to area firms. Our experts also understand online marketing general, and how to effectively utilize FindLaw’s best-in-the-industry integrated lawyer marketing programs to help law firms grow and flourish. FindLaw has successfully partnered with nearly 20,000 legal professionals throughout the nation. We work exclusively with attorneys, and we have the tools, resources and expertise to drive positive results for law firms of all types and sizes.

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“The FindLaw web solution has helped drive in business by boosting our firm’s Search Engine visibility, managing various aspects of our brand image, and helping us staying connected with our business colleagues and clients. WHGC law firm has found the FindLaw’s web solution to be a very good return on our investment. The FindLaw web solution has helped drive in business by boosting our firm’s Search Engine visibility, managing various aspects of our brand image, and helping us staying connected with our business colleagues and clients. Thanks FindLaw!”


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At FindLaw, clients get exceptional value, and as they grow we can meet their marketing needs. We will deliver them more contacts that can turn into clients. We will build them a beautiful website and represent their brand properly. Our integrated attorney web marketing solutions will always be ahead of the curve to give clients new ideas as the market changes and as their marketing needs change.

Integrated Legal Web Marketing in Atlanta and East Georgia

The legal markets in East Georgia are unique and diverse. Atlanta is one of the larger metro areas in the country, and the markets here are highly competitive. Medium-sized communities like Athens, Augusta and Statesboro are less competitive, but you still need a proactive strategy to stand out – particularly within common practice areas like personal injury and family law.

FindLaw has worked with legal professionals in East Georgia for many years. We have a strong online presence here, and we deliver the integrated tools necessary to help law firms vastly expand their digital footprint. From our award-winning lawyer websites (FirmSites) to our high-traffic attorney directory placements to our mobile FirmSite solutions to our professional legal videos, our integrated tools work in sync to address your needs, accomplish your goals, and maximize return on your marketing dollars.

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