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The digital marketplace is more complex than ever before. And today, a website alone is not enough to successfully compete.
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Online marketing is becoming increasingly complex. Gone are the days when you could put up a website, rank on page 1 of the search engines, and capture a large share of targeted prospects. Legal SEO is still an important strategy, but it is now one of countless ways to reach legal consumers online. To be successful in today’s internet marketplace, you need a multi-faceted approach that puts you in more places and allows you to engage more targeted prospects. And that’s where FindLaw’s extensive attorney marketing expertise can make all the difference.

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Gary DeWitt

Seattle and Alaska Law Firm Marketing Specialist

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I’m Gary DeWitt, and I work with small law firms and solo attorneys from Seattle throughout Alaska. In a large territory like mine, you can imagine that I work with a great many types of client. However, no matter who I am working with, my approach remains consistent — I take a genuine interest in each and every client’s success. I go out of my way to provide solutions that meet their needs, not mine. My consultation differs from others, because I strive to provide value, understand their needs, and identify their goals before ever making a pitch. Prior to joining FindLaw, I worked in the U.S. Army for 21 years and performed two tours of duty in Iraq. When I was ready for a post-Army career, I thought very carefully about where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do. I chose FindLaw because I have confidence that its digital legal marketing solutions are the industry’s best, and the support and research the company invests into its offerings means I can be proud of what we have to offer.

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FindLaw has specialists who live within the local online marketplaces in Alaska and Seattle. They are in touch with the markets here, and they know what is working and what is not working to drive more profitable cases to area law firms. Our specialists are not only local experts, they also know internet marketing in general, and how to effectively utilize FindLaw’s market-leading integrated legal web development tools to make law firms grow and prosper. FindLaw has a long history of success within the legal industry. Attorney web marketing is all we do, and we have helped thousands of clients throughout the nation achieve better results through digital marketing.

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Gary In His Own Words:

FindLaw provides comprehensive business development solutions, empowering small & medium law firms to successfully build their brands and connect with legal consumers to grow their practices. gets 12 million visits per month making it the number one online legal directory. FindLaw has over 17,000 law firm clients and we have built over 10,000 law firm websites.

Integrated Law Firm Marketing Services in Seattle and Alaska

The lower cost of living and desire to enjoy the outdoors has brought an influx of residents who are relocating from Sacramento to Seattle. This has resulted in more attorneys, making this an extremely competitive legal market. It has also brought over more consumers and an increase in demand for quality legal services, regardless of the practice area. FindLaw’s local experts work closely with legal professionals to capitalize on this increased demand. Our integrated law firm marketing services — such as our award-winning attorney websites (FirmSites), mobile FirmSites, high-traffic legal directory, lawyer blogs, social media promotion, and many more – give area attorneys the competitive advantage they need to capture an increasing number of potential clients.

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