To Promote Your Law Firm’s Verdicts, Settlements and Case Results for Free

Congratulations! You’ve just secured a significant settlement for your client. Now is a great time to capitalize on your hard work by leveraging the victory into a compelling way to promote your attorney case results to prospective clients.

Since nearly one-fourth of consumers consider an attorney’s legal experience the most important factor when making a decision, it is imperative to provide concrete success stories to support your practice area expertise.

Below are five of the best ways to promote your law firm case results to leverage your successful outcomes into more leads for your practice. Remember, each State Bar has its own rules governing attorney advertising, so be sure to consult with your local rules.

Issue a press release

Traditional but still useful, particularly to reach print media. Issuing a press release is a great way to publicize your big client win. Press releases allow you to identify appropriate media outlets to reach a targeted potential client base. You can also make your press releases readily available to prospective clients by including a press release link on your website.

Promote attorney case results via press release
Promote attorney case results via verdicts and settlements tab
Utilize a website tab

Speaking of websites, including a jury verdicts tab is a great way to call attention to your client successes. Including a tab in the website navigation makes it easy for potential clients to find jury verdict and settlement information and provides them with concrete case outcomes. Once you’ve added the tab, be sure to keep it up to date so visitors can see that you are accumulating victories for your clients. In addition, optimize this page for even better results.

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Get your clients involved

At the conclusion of the case, ask your client if they would be willing to discuss the jury verdict or settlement. This could be in the form of an online review, a written testimonial for your website, or even a video recounting the experience. You can leverage this feedback to bolster the positive experience that your clients had when working with you.

Promote attorney case results via client reviews
Promote attorney case results via testimonials
Include in your newsletter

Be sure to reserve a special section in your client newsletter for recent jury verdicts and settlements. This will reinforce your commitment to achieving excellent results for your clients and keep you top of mind when new issues arise.

Use social media

Now that you’ve put in the effort of publicizing your jury verdicts and settlements, don’t forget to take advantage of your social channels. Post links to your press releases, website tab, testimonials, and other online content to your social media channels to maximize exposure for your marketing efforts.

Promote attorney case results via social media
Promote attorney case results via verdict search submission
—Bonus Tip!
Submit for publication

If you want to make sure that your jury verdict or settlement is seen by other attorneys (think referrals), consider submitting it for publication in VerdictSearch or Westlaw Jury Verdicts. Both sources have a wide attorney audience and can vastly expand your network.

Promote your case results.

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