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We understand the effort it takes to build a network of legal professionals you can trust. That’s why we’ve done the legwork by creating a Legal Community, exclusively for FindLaw and Westlaw small law firm customers. Community is an online, private network, included in your product subscription. Collaborate with others who use the same resources as you to practice, manage and grow their firm.

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Stephen Asbel
Berman & Asbel, LLP

“How can I help these clients be in as good a position as possible when the law is written in a way that doesn’t really help, or even address, them or their needs as a couple? It appealed to me because it was a chance for me to approach a problem by using strategy and creative lawyering in my practice.“

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What’s the difference between Community and other online professional networks?

Community focuses only on topics that matter to small law firms. You are automatically setup to follow the most popular subjects and can select to follow others of interest. All members have been verified as active customers, ensuring the connections you make are relevant. Your investment time upfront is minimal; complete a 3-step profile setup with no requirement to fill out lengthy background details to get started. Best of all, it is free of spam and unwanted ads (and you don’t have to pay a fee to achieve that). Spend less time sorting through the noise and more time interacting on how to practice, manage and grow your firm.

How does Community fit into my daily routine?

Access Community when you want, and how you want. In addition to this site, there are several other ways to use Community from where you work. In FindLaw INSIGHT, open Community by clicking Visit the Legal Community, or the chat bubbles next to your name. If you are a Westlaw small law firm user, click Community in the top-right corner of any screen to sign-in.

Community can help raise your visibility by highlighting work you’ve done – sync your LinkedIn profile, link to your firm’s website or share publications in your profile.

What can I expect from Community?

Community utilizes a post and comment format that you’re familiar with, but it goes far beyond that. You can access exclusive content pertaining to subjects of interest, get answers to product questions and participate in quick-polls on industry trends. While Community is primarily member-driven, legal experts from Thomson Reuters also participate and moderate discussions to ensure your questions are answered. Peer-to-peer discussions take place on topics ranging from legal industry trends and technology to starting a law firm and growing your business.

Check out the Community Support page for additional guidelines, FAQ’s and contact information.

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