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Traffic Signals: What Safer Roads Could Mean For Your Personal Injury Practice

FindLaw dove deep into the statistics of motor vehicle accidents and what we came up with is an eye-opening message for personal injury attorneys. Download now to learn more.

Our roadways have never been safer.

Even though more drivers are driving more miles than ever before, rates of injuries and death on American roads are among the lowest since 1965. And as automotive technology continues to improve it’s safe to assume that these death and injury rates will decline more and more.

While this is an overall good for society, it does pose problems for personal injury lawyers who specialize in car accidents. Declining accidents mixed with a saturated market means it’s tougher than ever to attract new clients.

For now, the data shows a challenging, competitive marketplace becoming even more so. In the FindLaw report, you’ll see the hard numbers behind declining motor vehicle injuries and our conclusions on what this may mean for attorneys. While each firm’s situation is unique, the report also includes some general considerations for businesses to overcome these challenges.

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