Case Study

Pietrucha Law Firm, LLC

LOCATION: Downers Grove, IL
SIZE: 3 attorneys
SCOPE AND SERVICES: Employment Law: discrimination, FMLA violations, maternity leave challenges, ADA violations, racial discrimination, severance pay and union disputes

Pietrucha Law Firm, LLC

Cynthia’s Situation

Cynthia Pietrucha decided to be an employee rights advocate after both experiencing discrimination herself and witnessing firsthand the conditions of American factories along the U.S./Mexico border.

Pietrucha Law Firm started in 2014 as a general practice firm when Cynthia started taking some employment law cases pro bono to gain experience. But at this time, she still had a non-attorney full-time job that allowed her the flexibility to ease into the legal profession. After building a website in 2015, more cases began to trickle in. A year later Cynthia quit her non-attorney job and took the plunge as a full-time attorney.

Only a couple of months after this big change, Cynthia wanted to boost her business and continue to grow her firm. So she got in touch with the FindLaw consultant who had shared with her the power of online advertising and the option to start promoting her firm on the lawyer directory.

Cynthia Pietrucha“My listing on the FindLaw directory gave an immediate boost in potential clients contacting my firm.”

Success Story

“My listing on the FindLaw directory gave an immediate boost in potential clients contacting my firm.”

Attorney Cynthia Pietrucha

Pietrucha Law Firm, LLC

The Solution

Cynthia took a gradual approach to starting her law firm and building a stream of business. She tried a few different types of advertising as she started to grow her firm, but didn’t see the traction she wanted from many of her efforts. When the pressure was on to drive more traffic, Cynthia decided to partner with FindLaw and get exposure on the FindLaw lawyer directory. She worked with her FindLaw consultant to determine the best place for her firm to maximize exposure that still fit within her budget. Her directory strategy consists of:

  • Premium Profile: Because first impressions matter, Cynthia’s Premium Profile on the directory is designed to establish credibility by highlighting her experience and unique expertise. Plus, FindLaw’s internet marketing experts optimize all Premium Profiles for greater visibility in search results.
  • Directory TopSpots: These practice area and geographically-targeted placements put Cynthia toward the top of the list in the categories most important to her firm. She has seen success with this limited-availability placement because it has her positioned in front of legal consumers who are actively searching for lawyers

Call and email volume quadrupled within a month of starting her directory campaign, allowing Cynthia to hire additional staff to take calls.

Pietrucha Law Firm is projecting year-over-year revenue growth of 10x, largely due to increased quality cases driven from the directory listing on


Traffic continues growing, as overall contacts to the firm have averaged a 25% month-over-month increase.

Cynthia Pietrucha“Partnering with FindLaw has allowed me to pick and choose the cases I’m most passionate about.”

Success Story

“Partnering with FindLaw has allowed me to pick and choose the cases I’m most passionate about.”

Attorney Cynthia Pietrucha

Pietrucha Law Firm, LLC

Cynthia Gets Results

After taking the leap and committing full time to practicing law, Cynthia was worried about having enough cases to succeed. This is no longer a concern because of the incredible success she’s had with her FindLaw directory advertising, which she credits with getting her business the jump start it needed.

Within the first couple of months on, the increase in call volume improved so much that she hired additional help in order to handle the client intake process. In conjunction with the influx of calls and emails, Cynthia noticed an improvement in the quality of the leads she was getting, which has allowed her to be more selective with the cases she decides to take.

Are You Looking to Grow?

Cynthia, like thousands of other small law firms , found success partnering with FindLaw to grow her firm and to get the quality clients she is passionate about. Whether you are just starting out and want to grow your caseload or want to decrease your caseload and focus on higher quality cases, FindLaw can help.

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